High-Performance Hall of Fame

Celebrating our partners who are leading the change by building to high-performance, energy efficient standards.

Homes by Dickerson model home at Wendell Falls, with rooftop solar system

Congrats to Our Hall of Famers!

Since 2001, we’ve partnered with builders across the Carolinas to make new homes more comfortable, efficient, and sustainable. As your trusted energy rater, we’re excited to celebrate our partners who have gone above and beyond to maximize their homes’ performance and energy efficiency savings. Congratulations to all the heroes who made it into our High-Performance Hall of Fame!

Zero-Energy Shout Outs

McMillan Builders

We are thrilled to spotlight a project by our friends at McMillan Builders that has achieved ecoSelect Certification with a -3 HERS Score — that means this home is a net-zero home! To meet the client’s vision of an aesthetically pleasing net-zero home with a lot of light and space for hosting events, McMillan Design Build incorporated geo and hydro thermal, a radiant floor heating system, spray foam insulation, steel beam construction, solar power and more! We are happy to support this project’s net-zero journey from the ground up with energy modeling and verification of energy efficient building practices, and the roof down with installation of a 15kW solar system. ☀️

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