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Home Solar 101

What you should know about how solar works and if solar will work for you before making the switch.

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How Does Home Solar Work?

Wondering how solar works and what the benefits are for you? Here's a quick guide on what solar panels do and how your home can use solar energy.

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Solar System Components

Get famililar with the parts of a solar PV system. Learn about inverters, optimizers, solar panels, where they are made, maintenance, warranties, and more!

How to Know If Solar is Right for You

Trying to decide whether solar is right for you? Here's how we evaluate what makes a good home for solar, including site factors, utility policies, local requirements, and more!

Changes are coming to solar in North Carolina!

Duke Energy customers need to take action and get their solar project started by October 1st to lock in existing net metering rates before they change.

Free Solar Power 101 Guide

This comprehensive PDF guide covers everything you need to know about home solar power basics!
PDF Guide

Calculate Your Solar Savings

See solar on your home! Our solar calculator uses your home address, the details you provide, and LIDAR satellite technology (with a dash of AI) to give you a ballpark estimate of how much you could save by going solar.

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