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Code Compliance and Performance Testing

Code Compliance and Performance Testing

Did you know that all codes starting with the 2009 IECC requires dwelling units/homes to be performance tested? We have the tools and skills necessary to help keep you in compliance, including blower door and HVAC duct leakage testing in accordance with the 2009 IECC (and above) performance testing requirements.

As a HERS Provider with a team of certified HERS Raters Southern Energy Management performs blower door testing and duct leakage with the savvy and efficiency you are looking for.  These services are included with our “jog” and “run” programs but can also be offered a la carte for developers solely interested in code compliance (what we like to call “walking”).

  • Blower Door Testing (whole unit infiltration)
  • Duct Leakage Testing (hvac system infiltration)

Just as there are performance pathways in code, there are performance pathways in green building certification programs.  SEM can deliver this energy modeling in the form of a RESCheck or a COMCheck.

  • RESCheck (residential)
  • COMCheck (commercial)