Tax and Utility Incentives

Local, State, or Federal Incentives

Design and Engineering

Often there are local, state, or federal incentives in place to encourage developers to build or renovate high performance and green buildings.  These can come in the form of utility rate reductions, utility incentives, tax credits, financing or mortgage insurance rates.  Many of these are market specific and not uniform across our service area.  As part of our onboarding process we’ll analyze which (if any) are applicable and map out the best path for the project team to capitalize on them.

Duke Energy Progress Residential New Construction Program (Formerly known as the HERO Program): With rebates starting at $250 per dwelling unit Duke Energy Progress has made it easier than ever to build energy efficient homes and apartments and offers incentives to do so. Let us help you discover how you can take advantage of these incentives for your next project in North Carolina or South Carolina.

HUD Mortgage Insurance PremiumHUD offers a mortgage insurance premium (MIP) rate reduction will for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured multifamily loans secured by buildings that meet the requirements and attain a green certification. The rate reductions can apply for multifamily new construction, renovation, refinance, purchase, or elderly housing.  Annual MIP rates will be reduced to 25 basis points from the current rates, generally between 45 and 70 basis points, for all multifamily FHA-insured loan types that meet the following two conditions:

Fannie Mae Multifamily Green FinancingFannie Mae’s suite of green financing solutions includes options for acquisition, refinance, and supplemental financing. Green financing solutions create a “triple bottom line” by supporting increased cash flows, better quality housing, and reduced energy and water usage. Incentives include:

Southern Energy Management’s team can help you navigate and achieve these financial incentives.  Contact us today to get started.

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