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Custom Energy Solutions

Solar Power

It’s time to break up with your electric bill. Producing your own solar power saves you money everyday, especially as utility rates continue to rise over time. 

Tesla Powerwall Battery Product

Tesla Powerwall

As a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, we can help you tap into more of your solar energy & secure backup power with a custom battery storage system.

a span smart panel and the mobile app

SPAN Smart Panel

Connect and optimize your home energy with an intuitive smart electrical panel. Customize your battery backup priorities in real-time to maximize your energy savings.

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This comprehensive PDF guide covers everything you need to know about home solar power basics!
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Born and bred in Raleigh, NC, Southern Energy Management has been installing solar in is North Carolina since 2001. With 20+ years of experience installing 3,000+ solar systems, our team of 150+ solar and building performance professionals have the experience and expertise to find the best solar solution for any scenario. 

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