Sustainability, Impact, and Transparency

We are excited to share Southern Energy Management’s 2020 B Corp Sustainability, Impact, and Transparency Report. This annual report is a big step in sharing the measures we are taking to meet our own sustainability goals by improving the way our company interacts with our team, community, environment, and customers. 

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A Call to Action

As we turn the page to a new decade it’s pressing, now more than ever, that we exercise the
collective power we hold as a community of consumers. Fellow B Corp, Nisolo, says it best
in their Impact Report.

There’s no better time than now to vote with your dollars and lead the change. Are you in?

You as a consumer hold immense power over the future direction of the fashion industry based solely on your purchasing decisions. You are half of the equation, whether you like it or not. By demanding high quality and high ethical standards from your favorite brands, that power is enacted, and when joined by others, it becomes a movement impossible to ignore. 

Now more than ever, we believe change in the fashion industry is possible within our lifetime. We’ve seen how the food industry has shifted toward more sustainable practices and the transportation industry has taken a giant leap forward as well. We encourage you to dig deeper into the production practices of the brands you support. Ask questions, do your research, and utilize your purchasing power. In time, you can determine what you value by where you spend your dollar.

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