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Front View of New Home with Roof Mount Solar System

Sailing Into Solar & Sustainability

Shine Tribe Solar Spotlight Welcome to the first solar spotlight in our new series showcasing the stories of our Shine Tribe members! Seeing completed installs on gorgeous homes like this is always rewarding, but at the end of the day, learning about our customers’ journeys and why they chose to go solar is even more fulfilling. It’s the stories that come from getting to know our Tribe that motivate us each day and give us

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Local North Carolina Gift from a B Corporation
B Corp

42 Local Gift Ideas for Social and Environmental Impact

Here at Southern Energy Management, our mission is to improve the way people make and use energy. However, our journey does not stop there as we constantly search for ways to create a brighter tomorrow. Which is exactly why we created this gift guide for you. This guide — born from the “Vote Every Day” campaign led by B Corp’s, and fertilized by the desire to impact the environment in a positive way — is

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Measuring Lumber During Construction
Green Building

Fight Back Against Rising Costs and Tariffs Through Value Engineering

Have you recently been presented with challenging decisions in an attempt to find cost savings — Should I use a gas furnace or heat pump? Should I consider changing my foundation type or moving to a different window? How much would I save without a radiant barrier roof deck? What impact will these changes have on my HERS scores and utility rebates? Although our local housing market continues to show signs of strength, rising costs and

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Moisture on window from poor ventilation
Green Building

Best Practices for Ventilation in NC

Maximizing Comfort, Health and Durability As the summer abruptly draws to a close in North Carolina, the dramatic effects of humidity and moisture in the Southeast can be clearly seen. Most of the Carolinas are classified as climate zones 3 and 4, which means that we have hot, often unbearably humid summers which quickly transform into cold, dry winters. This presents some unique challenges in high performance buildings as controlling moisture may be the biggest

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New construction home almost complete
Green Building

Here’s the Scoop on the 2018 North Carolina Energy Conservation Code

Hopefully by now you’re all aware that NC will be adopting a new building code on January 1st, 2019 (if not, pay extra close attention). This new code will be in place until 2024. As your energy experts, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the most notable changes to the new 2018 NCECC.  Here are the top 5 changes we think you’ll want to pay close attention to: 1. Soffitt Baffles A long standing

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