Sharing Support to our NC Community During COVID-19

To help fight food insecurity and support our community during these stressful times we are donating $25 to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina for each of our virtual solar sitings while also expanding our referral program to include a $250 donation to the food bank. 

You can sign up for a free virtual solar siting here and refer a friend by sharing this page with them (make sure they mention your name in their form submission). For more detail on how and why we are taking these steps, keep reading!

COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Protocols

Learn about our safety procedures to keep our teams, customers, and community safe.

$25 Donation for Every Virtual Solar Siting

We believe no one should go hungry, period. With many facing food insecurity, to help support our community we’re donating $25 to the Foodbank of Central and Eastern NC for anyone who schedules & attends a virtual solar siting through the end of May. This regional food bank provides food and support to a myriad of other agencies addressing food insecurity. If you know someone who’s interested in going solar right now, we’d love to talk to them and help fight food insecurity together. 

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$250/$250/$250 Referral Program

We have the best customers who care deeply about a lot of the things we care about. Many of you also speak about your solar experience and send your friends and family our way. We’ve always said thank you when you send us someone who goes solar with $250 for you and $250 for them. We’re expanding that now to include a $250 donation to the Foodbank of Central and Eastern North Carolina as part of our referral program. Your referrals help keep us going during this difficult time, and for that we’re extremely thankful, so we want to share your awesome support by giving back to our local community. 

Free Virtual Events

With Stay at Home orders in place across North Carolina and the country, we are all facing unique personal and professional challenges. To support our community, we’re opening many of our internal SEM YOUniversity courses for all to enjoy. We’re bringing virtual events to the comfort of your home, and all are welcome (even the pups)! Topics range from Kombucha Making 101 to Conquering Stress and Anxiety, and we’ll have virtual Happy Hours every Thursday. Even though we may be physically distanced, we hope to meet many new smiling faces and make new friends.

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Volunteer Resources & Support Hub

Continuing to join forces in collective action to spread love and compassion with our friends and neighbors can help heal our communities. There are so many great movements happening around North Carolina. Here are some causes our team and partners are supporting, ways you can take action, and resources for those in need.

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Ready to get started?

Request a free solar evaluation today! To support our community, we’re donating $25 to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC for each virtual site visit. Learn More →

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