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Our Team

Our Founders

“Our highest aspiration for this company is that each person who walks through our doors becomes the very best they can be – and that we help each other be that – so that together we can be the best for the world.”

- Bob & Maria Kingery

Owners and Co-Founders

Solar Team

Solar Design  •  Solar Installation •  Technical Support •  Beard Growing

Our Solar team is saving the planet one solar system at a time by delivering the perfect solar solution for any situation.

Builder Energy Services

Consulting  •  Verification  •  Single-family Building Performance Certification  •  Developer Reporting  •  Speaking in Acronyms

Our Builder Energy Services (BES) team is passionate about helping single-family builders and community developers save energy, money, and natural resources by developing more sustainable homes and communities.

Multifamily Energy Services

Consulting  •  Verification  •  Multifamily Building Performance Certification  •  Kombucha Brewing

Our Multifamily Energy Services (MES) team specializes in green building consulting and verification for a variety of multifamily projects including apartments, townhouses, and affordable housing.

Core Services

Accounting  •  Human Resources  •  Marketing  •  Analytics  •  Philanthropy  •  Snake Wrangling

The Core Services team… we’re not exactly sure what they do, but they’re always there to help when we need them!

Guidance Team

Vision & Goal Setting  •  Strategic Planning  •  Dreaming Big

Our Guidance Team is the glue that holds SEM together. They keep things fun, focused, and push us to never settle!