NC Solar Rebate Program

Duke Energy’s solar rebate program in North Carolina makes installing solar panels for your home or business a better investment than ever before.

2020 Solar Rebate from Duke Energy

 homeowners, businesses, and non-profits who install solar panels in North Carolina are eligible for a rebate from Duke Energy. This solar rebate significantly reduces the net cost of a solar installation making clean energy more affordable than ever before.

  • Homeowners can save 40%-50% on the cost of a solar system when they combine the Duke Energy solar rebate with the federal tax credit for solar.
  • Businesses can achieve even bigger savings–more than 70% off the cost of a solar system.

Check our summary of the rebate below and read what Bob Kingery (co-founder/CEO of Southern Energy Management) had to say about the rebate in the Charlotte Business Journal.

Duke Energy Solar Rebate Key Facts

Home Solar Rebate Program Business Solar Rebate Program Non-Profit Solar Rebate Program
Rebate Amount
60¢ per watt
$3,000 to $5,000 for a typical home solar panel system
50¢ per watt
$50,000 for a 100 kilowatt solar system
75¢ per watt
$37,500 for a 50 kilowatt solar system
Cost Impact
45% off cost of solar
When the rebate is combined with the 30% Federal Tax Credit for home solar.
70% off cost of solar
When the rebate is combined with tax incentives for commercial solar.
30% off cost of solar
Non-profits can't use the existing tax incentives for solar so this a unique opportunity for non-profits.
Maximum Rebate
10,000 watts x $0.60
100,000 watts x $0.50
100,000 watts x $0.75
2019 Capacity
5,000 kW for home solar. 2,500 kW for business solar. 2,500 kW for non-profits.
600 homeowners
5,000 kW capacity / average size of 7 kW
50 businesses
2,500 kW capacity / average size of 50 kW
50 non-profits
2,500 kW capacity / average size of 50 kW

Home Solar Rebate

  • 60¢ per watt
  • Max $6,000
  • 45% discount
    (when combined with federal tax credit)

Business Solar Rebate

  • 50¢ per watt
  • Max $50,000
  • 70% discount
    (when combined with tax incentives for commercial solar)

Non-Profit Solar Rebate

  • 75¢ per watt
  • Max $75,000
  • 30% discount
    (Non-profits can't use the existing tax incentives for solar so this a unique opportunity for non-profits.)

Who is Eligible?

Duke Energy & Duke Energy Progress Customers in North Carolina

Not a Duke Energy Customer? No problem. We know it’s disappointing that the rebate program is not available to you, but with solar prices at an all-time low and powerful tax incentives for solar, we’re confident we can design a solar solution that leaves you radiating with happiness.

When Do I Apply?

As anticipated, the Duke Solar Rebate has been wildly popular! We’re excited to see so many homes and businesses going solar in North Carolina, but unfortunately the rebate program has an annual cap. The 2018 rebate allotment filled up in about 10 days, and 2019 Rebate reached capacity within hours. We expect the 2020 rebate to be even more competitive. It may seem like you have until the end of the year to think about the rebate, but we need to get your project started now to get you set up to be ready to apply when the next rebate allotment application opens.

The process to design your system, complete paperwork, and get necessary approvals takes several weeks. Now’s the perfect time to let us know if you’re interested in taking advantage of this solar incentive. We’re happy to help answer any questions and get you in line for the Duke Solar Rebate!

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