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Solar City: Cary, NC

Solar Panels in Cary, NC are thriving as clean energy becomes increasingly simpler and affordable. As the Triangle’s premier solar panel installer, we’re here to help make it as easy as possible for you to go solar in Cary. we’ve been installing panels since 2001, and have helped more than 1,500 homeowners and businesses make the switch to clean solar energy and drastically cut their utility bills. Cary’s solar-friendly policies, decreasing panel prices, and rising energy costs make now a great time to power your home with solar in Cary, NC.

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Net Metering

Solar in Cary benefits from having multiple utilities that offer  “net metering”. Net metering is a pro-solar policy, which allows owners to get 100% of the retail value of energy their panels create. Give us a call to check if your utility offers net metering!

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Cary Solar Rebate

We pride ourselves in being your trusted and friendly local solar company, and want to make the path to solar energy as simple as possible. We’re offering a special 20 cent per watt rebate on solar installations in Cary, NC. This (on average) will be a 7-10% discount on the price of your system!

Saving with Solar

Going solar can help both the environment and your pocket stay green. Lock in the 26% federal solar tax credit in 2020 before it steps down to 22% in 2021. This tax credit (not a deduction) reduces the cost of going solar by 26%, and is available if you install in 2020 and pay federal taxes.

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Cary's Top Solar Company

Experience is vital when choosing a solar company. Here at Southern Energy Management, we use our 18+ years of experience to help you find the perfect system. Our top-tier team of in-house solar installers are ready to go solar with Cary, NC!

Solar Money

Being energy independent can go a long way for your wallet. As energy costs continue to rise, solar power will shield you from the higher prices. There’s never been a better time to try solar energy in Cary!

26% Solar Tax Credit

The 26% solar tax credit goes down to 22% in 2021, so now is the time to act. Take some of that money that would go to Uncle Sam and use it on a solar system!

Solar Energy in Cary

Using solar power in Cary, NC is a simple and impactful way to benefit the environment. 2020 is the prime time to go solar, so help out your environment today and find out if solar energy is right for you!

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