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Performance Testing

Knowing how your homes perform relative to energy codes isn’t easy. We’re here to show you the way.

Performance Testing

NC and SC energy codes require that all new homes meet certain performance benchmarks for blower door testing and duct leakage.  Both of these services are included with our “jog” and “run” programs but can also be offered a la carte for builders soley interested in code compliance (walkers).

Performance Path Compliance

Builders have two paths in which they can comply with energy codes – Prescriptive or performance.  Prescriptive means you do everything (a-z) exactly as it’s called out in the code.  Performance path allows you to use trade offs to avoid certain details and still comply with the code (“I don’t want to insulate my slab so I’ll add more insulation to my walls to compensate”).  We can offer two modeling services to builders to help them comply via the performance pathway:

  • IECC Compliance Reports
  • RESCheck