Harvest the Sun

Solar incentives for farmers can reduce upfront costs by over 70%. Now's a great time to harvest the sun.

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Why are farmers going solar?

It’s in the numbers.  Going solar has never been better in the Carolinas! We help you reduce operating costs on electric bills related to farms, agribusinesses, & manufacturing by harnessing the power of the sun. Ideal solar prospects include poultry, egg, swine, and row croppers who have high electrical operating costs.

Key Benefits


Solar will significantly reduce your energy costs now and for the next 30+ years.


By reducing your reliance on the utility, solar protects your farm from constantly rising energy prices.

No Ongoing Maintenance

Harvesting savings from the sun requires zero effort, attention, or maintenance.


Solar generates clean energy to help the environment and energy savings to support your farm's long-term stability.

Solar for Farms

Southern Energy Management is a turn-key solar provider, focused on providing farm owners solar solutions to offset the electric use of their facilities on site. We supply everything from design and engineering to grant writing and financial partnerships that allow for a $0 down purchase. 

If you are a landowner looking for utility-scale solar farm information, including land leasing, please reach out to:

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