Solar System Repair & Maintenance

Solar system not shining? We provide solar system repair, troubleshooting, and maintenance to get your solar system producing clean, renewable energy.

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Solar Tech Support Services

Solar System Repair

Including Module & Inverter Replacements, Troubleshooting Low Solar Production Solar Monitoring and Repair, and Repairing Leaking Roof

Solar System Additions

Including Squirrel Guard Installation, Panel Additions, and Adding Battery Backup

Generac SnapRs Service

Including warranty work & component replacement

Panel Removal & Reinstall for Reroofing

Need a new roof? We’ll work with your roofer's schedule to uninstall and reinstall your solar panels

Solar Interconnection & Admin Support

Including Transfers of Ownership, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) Issue, and Interconnection Changes (Switching from Buy-All Sell-All to Net Metering)

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Step 3

Our in-house solar support team will get your solar system back up and producing clean, renewable energy as quickly as possible!

Solar Support Resources

How to Turn On Your SolarEdge Solar System

After your solar installation and applicable permitting, you will need to turn on your SolarEdge system. Tech Support Guru Sam Morgan is here to walk you through how to turn on your SolarEdge System.

How to Troubleshoot a Solar System with SolarEdge Inverter

When your monitoring data is out-of-date or you don't see solar production in your SolarEdge app, what do you do? Follow along with Sam Morgan to find out how to troubleshoot these common issues.

Troubleshooting Your Tesla Powerwall + Solar System

When your Tesla monitoring isn't showing data OR your solar production isn't right, it's time to get it reset! Solar tech guru, Sam, will walk you through how to do this in a couple different ways.

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