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Dear SEM Tribe (that’s you!), 

Our business is driven primarily through referrals. This allows us to spend more time and resources on taking care of our tribe—our awesome customers, steadfast partners, and loyal advocates—instead of on marketing and sales campaigns. Our commitment to you (as a part of tribe) extends far beyond installing your solar system. We commit to always be there for you. Just let us know what you need and we’ll be there to do whatever we can to help you. In return, we ask that you share your experience with Southern Energy Management with any of your friends or family members who might be interested in solar. We promise to take care of any referrals you send our way as well as we took care of you. 

When you refer a friend that ends up going solar with us, we’ll celebrate by giving them $250 off their system, giving you $250 for being awesome (or $500 off your next Powerwall), and now making a $250 donation to the Food Bank of Eastern and Central North Carolina to share support to our community during this time.

So get out there, share the joy of your solar system, and make sure you let us know if you ever need anything.


The Southern Energy Management Team

COVID-19 Referral Program Update

To help fight food insecurity and support our community during these stressful times we are donating $25 to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina for each of our virtual solar sitings while also expanding our referral program to include a $250 donation to the food bank.

You can sign up for a free virtual solar siting here and refer a friend by sharing this page with them (make sure they mention your name in their form submission). Learn More → 

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