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Solar Referral Program

We promise to take care of any referrals you send our way — plus we’ve got $250 with your name on it! Refer a friend below and learn about our perks. 

Residents from Elderberry Cohousing standing in front of community ground mount solar system

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How It Works

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Step 1

Refer a friend! Submit the form above, or remind your friend to mention your name to their solar designer at their solar assessment.

Step 2

We send your friend an email introducing them to some great solar resources and letting them know they were referred by you.

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Step 3

Your friend confirms they’re interested in solar and schedules a virtual site assessment.

Step 4

Your friend receives a custom solar proposal. If they decide to go solar with us, we’ll celebrate by giving them $250 off their system and giving you $250 for being awesome (or $500 off your next Powerwall). 

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no limit! You can refer as many friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, long lost relatives, and casual acquaintances as you want.

Short answer: No. Anyone who is passionate about solar energy and wants to support our mission can refer a friend. Non-customer solar advocates can also qualify for the $250 reward if their friend goes solar with us. Just make sure your referral passes your name and contact info to us so we can get you that sweet referral bonus!

  • Referrals must not already be a customer of Southern Energy Management to be eligible.
  • Rewards for referrals will be paid upon customer payment of the final invoice, after completion of the installation.
  • There are no limits to the rewards you can earn, but expansion projects are only eligible if we were NOT the original installer.
  • You do not need to be a customer of ours to be a Shine Tribe Solar Advocate, just make sure your referral sends us your contact information.

Really, anyone who is interested in solar energy – Our solar educators love chatting about the sun and geeking out over solar power!! However, keep in mind, homes that are covered in trees without a southern-facing roof are typically not good solar contenders.

We will send whoever you refer to us an email letting them know that you’ve referred them. The email will include details on referral perks, the option to schedule a solar assessment, and will have lots of helpful solar resources! If we don’t hear from them, we’ll send a follow up email just to make sure our first email made it. We promise never to spam your friends or share their contact info with anyone else. You can preview the email we send here.

Why Referrals Matter

Since 2001, we’ve been on a mission to improve the way people make and use energy — one solar system and energy-efficient home at a time. With your referrals, we are able to spend more resources on taking care of our awesome customers, steadfast partners, loyal advocates, and local community instead of marketing and sales campaigns. This allows us to build a stronger Shine Tribe of families and individuals that share our vision! 

Learn about our community partners!

We ❤ Our Shine Tribe Customers!

On a recent Zoom call, the Zweckl family opened up about the wonderful experience they had going solar with us. Thanks for Shining, Zweckl family! 

Meet Our Fall Referral Champ

Congratulations to Drew, our Fall Referral raffle winner! Drew and his family decided to go solar  to become more energy independent after getting their roof replaced.

Meet Our Summer Solstice Referral Raffle Winner

Congratulations to our Summer Solstice raffle winners, John and Lucy! Here’s what John had to say about his experience with going solar:

The best part of going solar is obviously working with your company as it made the transition effortless. The best thing to tell someone on the fence is to use your service to estimate whether it would work in the first place and secondly what it might cost as your service was excellent.”

Looking for other opportunities to share your story, or to support our mission through referrals? 

Email Sophie at shine@southern-energy.com and they will eagerly work with you!

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