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The new nonprofit tax credit created by the Inflation Reduction Act makes from now until Dec 31, 2022 the best time to go solar in NC.

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60% Off the Cost of Solar in 2022

The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) makes between now and December 2022 the best time for nonprofits to go solar in NC.
When you combine the new 30% direct pay tax credit option for nonprofits with the Duke Energy Solar Rebate you can offset as much as 60% of the cost of a solar system! The new tax credit will last for at least 10 years but the Duke Energy Solar Rebate will be gone in January 2023.

Duke Solar Rebate

Duke Energy nonprofit customers can save 30-40% on the cost of their system with the Duke Energy Solar Rebate. The last Duke Energy Rebates will be awarded in January 2023.

New 30% Direct Pay Tax Credit

Nonprofits and government organizations can now benefit from the 30% tax credit thanks to a new direct pay option created by the Inflation Reduction Act that was passed in August 2022.

Save Money

Producing your own solar energy saves money each month on your electricity bill. As utility rates rise over time, your solar savings will protect you from higher electric bills.

NC's Original Solar Installer

Founded in Raleigh, NC, Southern Energy Management is North Carolina’s oldest local solar company. With 20+ years of experience installing 2,800+ solar systems, our team of 130+ solar and building performance professionals have the experience and expertise to find the best solar solution for any scenario. 

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