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Durham: The Heart of NC Solar

Solar Panel Installations in the Durham are making the Bull City a leader in North Carolina’s clean energy industry. As your resident No. 1 seed for solar panel installation in Durham NC, we want to be transparent and help you find the right time to go solar. We’ve been a solar installer in Durham since 2001 and have installed hundreds of solar energy projects on homes and businesses in Durham. Because of Durham’s pro-solar policies, lower solar panel prices, and increasing energy costs, now is a great time to make the switch to solar.

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Solar Net Metering

Duke Energy is one of the primary utilities for Durham NC, which is great for solar! Duke Energy is a solar friendly utility and offers net metering. Net Metering allows solar panel owners to get 100% of the full retail value for the power their panels produce.

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Durham Solar Rebate

We’re more than just a solar panel company in Durham, we’re your friendly, solar, neighbor and we want to make going solar as easy as possible. We’re offering a special 20 cent per watt rebate on solar panel installation in Durham, NC. On average, this will mean a 7-10% discount on your system!

Solar Stimulus

Did someone say incentives? There has never been a better time to check out the landscape of Durham solar energy. Take advantage of the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit in 2020 before it decreases next year. As long as you install in 2020 (and pay federal taxes) the credit is yours!

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Experience is key when choosing a solar company, and here at Southern Energy Management, we strive to use our 18+ years of experience to best help you. Our top-notch team of solar panel installers are ready to create the perfect system for you today!

Saving Money with Solar

Creating your own energy through solar power can help to shave off some of your electric bill. Utility rates continue to rise, but solar power will help to keep your bills down.

26% Solar Tax Credit

The 26% solar tax credit will decrease to 22% next year, so now is the time to act in order to get it. Spend some of that money that would go to the government on a solar system for your home!

Clean Energy

Your solar power system in Durham, NC will help keep the surrounding ecosystem clean! Going solar can provide both clean energy in Durham’s ecosystem and green energy in your bank account. The stars are aligned in 2020, and as for solar in Durham, it truly seems they’ve hit the Bull’s-eye.

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