HERO Code Builder Rebate Program

Earn cash back from Duke Energy Progress for building energy efficient homes

Earn Up To $9,000 per Home from Duke Energy Progress

HERO Code — or High Efficiency Residential Option — is a voluntary section of the 2018 North Carolina Conservation Energy Code. The Duke Energy Progress Residential New Construction Program offers generous cash incentives to builders and developers who build energy efficient single or multifamily residences that meet HERO Code targets.

With rebates of up to $9,000 *per home*, it’s a win-win situation. Your homeowners get a quality assured product that they are happier with and you gain control over your home’s performance while getting cash back!

Who Can Participate?

There are two options to choose from, either the Whole-Home Incentive program or the Equipment Incentives pathway. Unfortunately, these incentives don’t stack and you can only choose one. To really maximize your incentives, we advise you choose the HERO Plus HERS Whole-Home Incentive option.

How do I find out how much I qualify for?

Southern Energy Management conducts free building plan analysis to see how much money you qualify for now, and how much you could qualify for moving forward.

How do I participate?

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Whole-Home Incentives

Within the Whole-Home Incentive option, there are two pathways for compliance: HERO Only or HERO Plus HERS Score.

Annual energy use is less than HERO reference home Annual energy use is less than HERO reference home
Blower door target: 4.00 ACH50 Blower door target: ≤ 4.00 ACH50 or 0.24 CFM50/SFSA
90% or greater efficient lighting 90% or greater efficient lighting
$750 per home $0.90/kWh savings up to $9k per home

Turn-Key HERO Program Services

No matter which option you choose to go with under Whole-Home Incentives, the homes you are building will require a HERS rating to meet HERO Code. Southern Energy Management is a RESNET certified HERS Rater with a team of highly trained raters and quality assurance designees. We provide HERS rating services and an energy summary report with the annual kWh savings for each home. 

Since all homes require a HERS rating, by default your home will be analyzed for the HERO Plus HERS Score pathway to maximize your rebate potential. If the 4ACH50 blower door target is not met but the home still qualifies for HERO Only targets, we will enroll the home for the $750 HERO Only rebate.

HERO Plus HERS Score

If you really want to maximize available energy efficiency incentives, this is the option for you! To be eligible for the max $9,000 in rebates per house, you must meet HERO Only targets plus hit the 4ACH50 blower door target.

The rebate amount that each home is awarded varies depending on kilowatt hours (kWh) saved. Based on the data we collect during home inspections, each home is eligible for rebates at a rate of $0.90/kWh for up to 10,000 kWh. 

$ 0
Total HERO Rebate Processed
Homes Enrolled

“Mattamy Homes continues to find immense value in the Residential New Construction program. We love the program and think that it’s been a great fit for us.”

Rich Sherman

Vice President of Construction Operations, Mattamy Homes

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Equipment Incentives

You can earn up to $725 for specific high-efficiency equipment such as water heaters and heating and cooling systems. Incentives are offered for three types of equipment, which you can combine as you see fit. As applicable, the equipment incentive may require you to provide appropriate documentation, including an invoice from the HVAC company indicating equipment size and SEER, quality installation checklist, and corresponding AHRI certificates.

Remember, you cannot participate in both the Whole-Home Incentive and the Equipment Incentives. You must choose one or the other. 

Maximize Your Value!

Be the HERO your customers deserve with the Residential New Construction Program. We’re here to help you get started! From value engineering to optional air sealing packages, our turnkey services are designed to maximize your incentives.


“Garman Homes has been a big advocate of the HERO program for several years while completing almost 200 homes per year with over 90% of our homes reaching the HERO level. We have been able to capture these rebates while also providing homeowners with what the market demands. By using the gas equipment in our homes and also building the home with energy efficiency in mind, we are able to provide an efficient home which gives the customer what they want and deserve.”

Brandon DeLong

Purchasing Manager, Garman Homes

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