Meet the Spring Shine On Champions from Homes by Dickerson

Chris and Sean from Homes by Dickerson holding their Spring Shine Awards from Southern Energy Management

Each quarter, our Builder Services team dedicates a Shine On Champion award to someone we work with who exemplifies our core values — Seek Solutions, “Have To” shifts to “Get To”, Invest in the Greater Good, Never Settle, and Enjoy the Journey. As a team centered on leading the change, we believe it is important to shine a light on the people around us focused on impactful solutions. 

We’re excited to share that this quarter our field team advocated hard for TWO Homes by Dickerson team members — Sean Driver, Site Superintendent and Chris Steyne, Senior Project Manager — so we decided to award them both! Congrats Sean and Chris!

Southern Energy Management's Core Values
SEM's SHINE core values - Seek Solutions, Have to - to Get To, Invest in the Greater Good, Never Settle, Enjoy the Journey

What Makes Sean and Chris Shine On Champs?

Here are a few notes from SEM team members that work with Sean and Chris:

Never Settle & Invest in the Greater Good

These guys are always present and on the spot if there are any issues with their homes. They ask questions and are involved in the process with us, and are reliable for getting all their details right. They both push for excellence — Sean gets upset if his blower door scores aren’t at least in the 2’s! — Amanda Usary

Just finished a rough with Sean. He insists on being present for inspections so that there is no uncertainty about what needs to be corrected and the best way to correct it. While I wrote up my correctives, he completely spray foamed over the face of the cardboard blocking that the insulators used (after he specifically bought tply for that purpose, which the insulators helped him load off of his truck while he explained to them what it was for!). Neither of them complains about correctives – they almost crave them so that they can learn more about the trade. — David Boynton

We surprised Sean and Chris on-site today (we told them we needed to speak with them both, and for a hot minute they thought they were in trouble which was fun) with a cooler full of appreciation goodies.  Sean said to me that he builds every home as if it were for his Mom or Grandma, and Chris’ drive towards quality because it is the right thing to do told me this is more than just a job for him, it’s personal. — Jamie Hager

Thanks for Shining and Seeking Solutions, Sean and Chris! Along with the title of Shine On Champion, these two also received a Yeti cooler full of swag. Be on the lookout for our next nomination this summer. You might be Southern Energy Management’s next Shine On Champion and the lucky winner of the next Yeti #cashcooler.

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