Meet the Fall Shine on Champion from TriPointe Homes

Marina from Tripointe homes accepting the Shine on Champ Award from Southern Energy Management presented by Amanda and Taylor

It’s a new season so you know what that means — time to announce and celebrate our newest Shine On Champion! If you are just joining us now, you might be wondering what exactly is a Shine On Champion? Each quarter, our Builder Services team dedicates a Shine On Champion award to someone we work with who exemplifies our core values — Seek Solutions, “Have to” shifts to “Get to”, Invest in the Greater Good, Never Settle, and Enjoy the Journey. 

We love continuing this tradition and getting to celebrate with our partners. Let’s introduce our Fall 2021 Shine On Champion, Marina Cotarelo of TriPointe Homes!  Since TriPointe entered the Raleigh market in 2019 as a builder, we’ve been a proud partner — verifying their homes are built to more efficient standards under the HERS program.

Wood plank sign of SEM's core SHINE values
SEM's SHINE core values - Seek Solutions, Have to - to Get To, Invest in the Greater Good, Never Settle, Enjoy the Journey

What Makes Marina a Shine On Champ?

Marina was nominated by our Building Performance Technician, Amanda Usary. Here’s what Amanda has to say:

Never Settle

Since I met her last year, I have seen Marina continuously make improvements to her homes. She used the information learned at inspections to find the infiltration areas and make sure they got sealed — she puts the needs of the home and her teams first. For these reasons, she embodies our “Never Settle” core value.

I can not say enough about her work ethic and compassion for others! Her dedication to building quality homes is inspiring, and her leadership will push her team to a successful jog with the potential for a solid run!

Walk. Jog. Run.

Shoes come in multiple sizes for a reason. For that same reason, we have followed our proven process of walk, jog, run to meet builders where they are in their sustainability journey.

We also found out that Marina is a partner of Hope Renovations and Habitat for Humanity, which is a fun and unforeseen connection! For background, both organizations are amazing community partners of ours.

Fun Fact: Marina did a bike track from Connecticut to California in support of affordable housing with the Habitat Building Homes!

Thanks for Shining and Never Settling, Marina! Along with the title of Shine On Champion, Marina also received a Yeti cooler full of swag. Be on the lookout for our next nomination this winter. You might be Southern Energy Management’s next Shine On Champion and the lucky winner of the next Yeti #cashcooler.

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