6 Easy Steps to

Solar Power Savings


Free (Virtual) Solar Evaluation

The first step in your solar energy journey is to schedule a free (virtual) solar evaluation with Southern Energy Management. One of our solar experts will assess your roof and your electric bill history to confirm all of the data we need to design the perfect solar energy system for your home. 


Custom Proposal

We’ll crunch the numbers from your site evaluation and then build a custom solar proposal that provides a detailed breakdown of your installation costs and solar savings. We’ll work with you to modify our proposal as many times as you want to make sure we’ve built the perfect solar energy system for you.


Sign Up!

Now your solar journey really kicks into gear. Once you’re happy with your proposal and have signed your contract to partner with us, our in-house team springs into action to make your on-paper solar energy system a reality on your roof.


Permits & Equipment

Our solar dream team gets to work securing the right permits from your utility and local inspections department and ordering all the equipment for your solar project. This phase generally lasts 30-50 days, depending on the permitting requirements.


Safe Solar Installation

This is the fun part! We’ll work with you to schedule a time frame to install your solar system and then knock out all of the required follow-up inspections. All this happens without you lifting a finger, and during COVID-19 we’re taking extra safety precautions to make sure you and our team stays healthy and safe.


Start Saving!

Your solar journey is complete! Your system is up and running generating clean solar energy everyday. You can sit back and enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of solar for the next 30+ years!

Calculate Your Solar Savings

See solar on your home! Our solar calculator uses your home address, the details you provide, and LIDAR satellite technology (with a dash of AI) to give you a ballpark estimate of how much you could save by going solar.

Why do we prefer in-person solar evaluations?

In our fast-paced, digital world many solar curious people we talk to ask us to “just send them a proposal” and skip our in-person solar evaluation. While we’ll be happy to send you a proposal based on what we can see from satellite images, we much rather prefer to do a full, in-person solar site evaluation. We prefer this option for a few reasons:

All of these reasons contribute to our main goal: to provide the best possible solar proposal for you.

How Solar Panels Improve Your Home Finances

Save for your future, combat climate change, invest in your home. Find out how going solar in North Carolina really can change your family’s life too from one of our Shine Tribe members.

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a free assessment to learn more about solar power & battery storage for your home.

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