Meet the Winter Shine On Champion from NVR Ryan

Dalton from Southern Energy Management, presenting the Winter SHINE Award to Joe from NVR Ryan

Not only is it a new season, but it’s also a new year! Time to announce and celebrate our first ever WINTER Shine On Champion – new year, new Shine On!

If you’re just joining us now, you might be wondering what exactly is a Shine On Champion? Each quarter, our Builder Services team dedicates a Shine On Champion award to someone we work with who exemplifies our core values — Seek Solutions, “Have to” shifts to “Get to”, Invest in the Greater Good, Never Settle, and Enjoy the Journey. 

We love continuing this tradition and getting to celebrate with our partners. Let’s introduce our Winter 2022 Shine On Champion, Joe Claver of NVR Ryan

For the past five years, we’ve worked with NVR to provide Better Homes HVAC Grading + Balancing and HERS ratings to verify their homes to more efficient standards. 

Southern Energy Management's Core Values
SEM's SHINE core values - Seek Solutions, Have to - to Get To, Invest in the Greater Good, Never Settle, Enjoy the Journey

What Makes Joe a Shine On Champ?

Joe was nominated by our Building Performance Technician, Dalton Crews. Here’s what Dalton has to say:

Seek Solutions

Joe is excellent! He has been on site with me for every rough inspection to fix all of the items we give to correct. He genuinely cares about the homes he’s building. He has even gone as far to help fix a known issue with one of their house models, which others have failed to try and tackle. 

He has helped us launch our Better Homes HVAC Grading service by allowing us to use finished homes to test as well. On top of it all, he always confirms whether a job is ready or not which helps us out in the field. 

Seek Solutions best resembles Joe’s core SEM value, although he possesses much more than that. He is more than deserving of being a Shine On Champion!

Thanks for Shining and Never Settling, Joe! Along with the title of Shine On Champion, Joe also received a Yeti cooler full of swag. Be on the lookout for our next nomination this spring. You might be Southern Energy Management’s next Shine On Champion and the lucky winner of the next Yeti #cashcooler.

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