2019 updated ecoSelect Checklist Guide

6 New ecoSelect Changes to Look Out For

This article was originally published September 19, 2019 and was updated January 8, 2020 to reflect recent updates to version 5 of the ecoSelect program. 

ecoSelect version 5.0 has arrived! Just as building code goes through cycles of review and revision, the ecoSelect Program is also regularly updated to ensure it is delivering healthy, efficient, high-performing homes. Voluntary compliance of the new changes are effective immediately with a hard enforcement date of 1/1/20. We will also be reaching out individually over the next 3 months to make sure everyone is set up for success. Check out the changes below and let us know if you have any questions! 

What's Different?

My wise Grandma Lucille used to say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and we are proud to say that the ecoSelect Program did not need much revision to maintain its high-performance bar. Overall, the ecoSelect checklist is still one page, and it is still focused on three main sections: Energy, Indoor Air Quality, and Water Efficiency. In fact, there are less than 10 changes (six to be exact), succinctly outlined below.


Diagram of corner insulation cavity

Advanced Framing + Insulated Corners

Advanced Framing requirements now include insulated corners. Corner framing can consist of insulated three-stud corners (California Corners) or two-stud corners with drywall clips or other means of supporting finish materials. (Item 1.1) See Figure 1 for an example of an insulated corner detail.

Not doing Advanced Framing at all? Install continuous insulation along exterior wall sheathing as an alternative compliance method for this item.

Duct Leakage Maximum Lowered

Duct Leakage maximum was lowered to 5% Total Leakage and 4% Leakage to Outside, in alignment with new energy codes. (Item 1.12)

Energy Star Appliance Requirement Simplified

The Energy Star Appliance requirement is simplified to state that a minimum of 1 major appliance installed at the home at time of final must carry the Energy Star label. Applicable appliances include dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers, and clothes dryers. (Item 1.14 and 1.15)​

Efficient Lighting Requirement Increase

The efficient lighting requirement increased to 90% from 80% in the previous version. CFLs, LEDs, and Energy Star rated fixtures can all be counted towards the requirement. (Previously Item 1.16, now Item 1.15).

New Item!

Every ecoSelect® rated home shall be evaluated for solar electricity production potential, with information provided to the homebuyer before and/or no later than conveyance of the ecoSelect® Certificate. (Item 1.20) But have no fear — we have already done this work for you and you will find a “Solar Potential” section on your HERS Certificate included in every ecoSelect package! Check it out!

Indoor Air Quality

New Optional Item!

Kitchen ventilation exhausts to outside and meets a minimum measured flow of 100 CFM when performance tested by an ecoSelect® Inspector (Item 2.7)

The first and only optional item in the ecoSelect Program, but an important one. Cooking can be a major source for indoor air contaminants and moisture generation in the home. Where feasible, install kitchen ventilation systems that exhaust directly to the outdoors and pull a min of 100cfm when performance tested (may require a fan rated above 100cfm to pass, especially in microwave combo units). Unvented Recirculating range hoods do not meet this requirement, but can be used in conjunction with another fan that is vented to achieve compliance.

Water Efficiency

No Changes

Watersense toilets and faucets are required for 100% of installed fixtures, and a moisture or rain sensor is still required with any on-site irrigation installed.

And That's It!

We will continue to review and improve our programs and processes to bring you the best experience for you and your clients. We look forward to your questions, and to delivering updated marketing materials as well.

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