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Wrap Your Ducts Tight(er) Next Year!

Festive Holiday Duct Blaster

One of the most challenging changes in the 2018 North Carolina Energy Conservation Code  (NCECC) is the new duct leakage requirement.  Currently, new duct systems in North Carolina must be tested at or below 6% total leakage (6cfm per 100sq ft of conditioned area served) to meet code.  After the Time’s Square Ball drops and […]

Best Practices for Ventilation in NC

Moisture on window from poor ventilation

Maximizing Comfort, Health and Durability As the summer abruptly draws to a close in North Carolina, the dramatic effects of humidity and moisture in the Southeast can be clearly seen. Most of the Carolinas are classified as climate zones 3 and 4, which means that we have hot, often unbearably humid summers which quickly transform […]

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