Meet the Winter Shine On Champion from Mattamy Homes

Wes Snell from Mattamy Homes, Winter Shine On Champ

Each season our team members nominate the partners we work with who share a passion for improving the way people make and use energy and exemplify our core values for our Shine On Champ Award. After we sift through the nominations, one lucky winner is chosen, inducted into our Shine On Champion Hall of Fame, and awarded our prized Cash Cooler.

A big congratulations goes out to our first 2020 Shine On Champ, Wes Snell! Wes is a construction manager with Mattamy Homes who is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and making sure homes in the Bent Tree neighborhood meet 100% ecoSelect certification.

Wood plank sign of SEM's core SHINE values
SEM's SHINE core values - Seek Solutions, Have to - to Get To, Invest in the Greater Good, Never Settle, Enjoy the Journey

What Makes Wes a Shine On Champ?

Wes is consistent, so much so that all of his houses have been built to meet all requirements of ecoSelect and also comply with the blower door and duct testing targets for the HERO Program in the Bent Tree neighborhood. When Wes gets a Corrective Work Order (CWO) from us, he asks a lot of questions, which shows he values guidance, feedback, and has the integrity to make a better home for the family who will live there.

While there are a handful of construction managers who I would consider outstanding, Wes stands out because he always drops by or makes himself readily available at every rough and final inspection. He’ll see you doing a final in the neighborhood, and stop by to weed-whack the yard or sweep something outside so you know he’s accessible. I always appreciate how convenient it is if there is a question I need to ask. I would also mention, his houses are well kept, which is always welcomed! Wes is also especially quick to communicate important information like when other trades will be present, while making sure they know to help us out when we need to work around them.

Wes recently had his first baby and took some family time off. (Congratulations!) While he was gone, things were still smooth sailing when knocking out his finals, which is a testament to his experience, preparation, and the solid, cohesive team out there at Bent Tree.

Seek Solutions

After homes at Bent Tree were receiving poor installation grades and Corrective Work Orders, Wes played a big role in informing decision makers to switch insulation companies. Since then the improvement has been remarkable, making everyone’s job easier, while the quality of insulation install grade is almost always top notch.

Have To → Get To

When Wes receives a CWO from us, he asks a lot of questions. From this, it’s apparent that Wes values guidance, feedback and has the integrity to make a better home for the future family who will live there.

Invest in the Greater Good

Consistency is key to investing — Wes always comes through when required to sustain 100% ecoSelect certification. He’s also hit all HERO targets for the homes I have tested — giving the homeowner a better, more efficient house when it’s done. I would think that is a clear investment in the greater good.

Never Settle

I don’t think I could see Wes working for a builder who would settle for poor quality. Mattamy Homes as a whole has stepped up to the plate. This is a testament to company leadership and training — notably the team as a whole in Bent Tree performs at 100% ecoSelect compliance and have met all HERO targets for 36 homes.

Enjoy the Journey

When I’m out in the neighborhood on a rough inspection, Wes checks in or makes himself available. I always appreciate that, especially if I need to touch base with a question or demonstrate a correction. You can tell  Wes takes pride in his work, keeps a tidy job site, and is good at communicating. If he has a bad day, I don’t think he’d get down on himself, but lean on his teammates to help get things back on track.

The Prize

What does a Shine On Champ win for their hard work and dedication? It’s a win-win-win situation! The high-quality homes that Mattamy  builds are certified for better performance, which we can verify to potential homeowners. At the same time, homeowners will receive more value in their investment with a lower total cost of ownership from a more efficient home while enjoying savings that can be spent elsewhere besides their utility bills and home maintenance. And finally, Wes is the lucky winner of our Yeti Cooler full of Cash!

Way to go Wes and keep up the awesome work! Be on the lookout for our next nomination this spring. You might be Southern Energy Management’s next Shine On Champion and the lucky winner of the next Yeti #cashcooler.

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