What Will Homebuyers Want in a Post-COVID Market?

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”

Wayne Gretzky 

The Market is Changing. People are spending a lot of time at home right now, giving them time to think about what they want to call home. Americans are re-evaluating their needs and wants in a home. Our friends at Shelton Group recently released some hot off the press insights about how COVID-19 is changing homebuyers’ wants & needs. Miss the webinar? No worries, we’ve highlighted our key takeaways from Shelton Group’s market research and how we can help position you to thrive in a post-pandemic era.

What Do People Want?

Given the current state of what’s happening right now, ultimately health, control, and self-sufficiency are what people will be looking for in a home.  Let’s break that down. 


This was already a big topic before COVID-19, and Shelton Group is predicting it will be even more important during and after the pandemic.

  • People want a safe and secure place for their families to call home
  • 72% of people believe their house has a moderate to strong impact on their health
  • 60% of those people are moderately concerned about indoor air quality
  • 25% of Americans are healthy home believers, and this number is expected to dramatically increase
  • 94% of these believers are willing to pay more for a healthy home


  • Build with Healthy Home Certifications (like Indoor AirPlus, ecoSelect, or NGBS)
  • Story tell about the thought behind the building materials you use (like low VOC paints) and your construction practices (like Fresh Air ventilation) to show you're already thinking about this and place importance on the health of your customers
ecoSelect Performance Label for Hanging Rock Court


The Shelton Group’s findings show that energy efficiency is hot when the economy is down, and aesthetics are more important to homebuyers when the economy is up. You can guess where we’re heading and where buyer’s head’s will be at. 

  • Now more than ever, homebuyers want CONTROL over their comfort & utility cost
  • It's less about the environment / savings, and more about control, peace of mind, and being the boss of their utility bills
  • 91% of believers are willing to pay more for it
  • 27% of homebuyers want solar
  • 58% of homebuyers are VERY interested in smart home technology


  • Build your homes with high-performance programs like ENERGY STAR, HERS ratings, or ecoSelect to provide peace of mind that the home is verified and built to above-code standards
  • Solar is a great way for homeowners to have peace of mind by knowing where their energy comes from while gaining more control by not having to rely on renting energy from the grid for power
  • Include smart home technology as a way to give homeowners literal CONTROL over things like their HVAC and using less energy, and provide peace of mind with 24/7 smartphone access to home control


COVID-19 is bringing out the prepper in us all. Shelton Group’s research shows that there’s a big push for self-sufficiency as a way to be prepared for the worst.

  • We're developing habits and hobbies during the COVID-19 pandemic that might be here to stay
  • Going off-grid is looking more appealing than ever, particularly the idea of solar panels


  • Tap into these trends by building larger pantries for canning, including garden space, and designing more space for storage, prepping, and hoarding supplies
  • Offer solar upgrades to your buyers with our Zero Energy Blueprint Program


Working from home has us all thinking about our homes — the things we like, the things we don’t like, and the things we might continue to do from home after COVID-19.

  • Working from home might be the “new normal”, even after COVID-19
  • People want to feel comfortable when working from home, with peace of mind that their homes are healthy, safe, and secure


  • Build in work from home office space (with a door!), exercise/meditation nooks, and more robust entertainment hubs (with home theaters and bigger kitchens to experiment in)

What’s Next?

We’re here to support you during COVID-19 and help you prepare for a post-COVID-19 market. Interested in learning more about high-performance programs, solar power, or marketing your sustainable home features? Reach out and let us know!

About Shelton Group

Shelton Group is a full service marketing agency specialized in speaking the language of energy and sustainability. They’ve been gathering trended market insights, helping organizations leverage corporate ESG stories, and more since 2005.

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