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Home solar installations in North Carolina. Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer. 1,500+ delighted solar customers. B Corp.

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Turn-key commercial solar power solutions for businesses and non-profits in North Carolina and South Carolina.

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HERS ratings, code testing, green program certification, and zero energy consulting for builders in NC and SC.

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Building performance inspections, green certifications, and incentive guidance for multifamily developers across the US.

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Residential Solar

Over the last 18 years we have completed more than 1,500 home solar installations in North Carolina. We’re ready to put the experience to work for you to find the right solar solution for your homes and family. Our process starts with educating you about solar including a free analysis of your home’s solar potential. Then we’ll work with you to design the perfect solar system for your home, energy needs, and budget. After that our 100% in-house team will install your system and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy 30+ years of blissful clean energy savings. Contact us today to learn how much you can save by switching to clean solar energy!

Commercial Solar

We’ve worked hard for more than 15 years to become North Carolina’s most trusted commercial solar installer. Whether you’re a small business, non-profit, agri-business, or full scale commercial operation, our team is ready to leverage our experience to find the right energy solution for your business. We provide everything from design & engineering to grant writing & financial partnership to make investing in solar as easy as possible. Reach out to us today to get started on a customized energy plan that maximizes your monthly energy savings and the tax credits and utility incentives available for your company.


Builder Energy Services

We help builders create, verify, and sell high-performing homes. As an independent verifier, we support builders during construction to ensure all of their homes meet code and/or achieve green certification. After homes are built, we continue to help builders capture the maximum benefit from their high-performance upgrades by offering sales and marketing training and support. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help make your homeowners happier and increase your revenue.

Multifamily & Commercial Energy Services

Our multifamily & commercial services team provides energy efficiency consulting, testing, third-party verification, and solar energy solutions to multifamily and commercial developers. We provide intelligent, holistic, and effective products and services that save energy, money, and natural resources while keeping your project on track to meet your goals. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation where we will identify the perfect certification and incentive strategy for your next project.

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Why Choose Southern Energy Management?

Highly recommend. Southern Energy Mgt has skilled technicians, uses the highest quality equipment, and displays a deep commitment to the environment and community. We're loving our panels, reducing our carbon emissions and saving money over the longterm. It is so satisfying to monitor the system and see real-time the impact we are able to have!
Matt K.
03:53 15 Jan 21
The company is amazing. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They made the process of installing solar panels on my home effortless.
Louis F.
18:14 17 Dec 20
Southern Energy Management provided comprehensive and extremely informed consultation, installation, and post-installation service for our new home solar system. They have an incredibly informed and courteous team of employees that answered questions at every step of the process. They have continued to help us after installation as I learn the system and other facets like rebates and tax advantages. Really a top notch company.
Eugene O.
12:48 09 Dec 20
Installation went as planned. Everyone was easy to work with. Great overall experience.
Bob B.
02:28 24 Nov 20
Great company and people!
Ronald H.
23:16 23 Nov 20
Wonderful team to work with! They did the original (7.44kW) installation at our new house and then did an additional 1.5kW addition this year. They are easy to work with, knowledgeable, prompt and dedicated. Would definitely recommend!
Kyle B.
21:09 13 Nov 20
While we had some hiccups with the project schedule and the install, I was very satisfied with the overall experience and my decision to purchase a Tesla Powerwall. The customer service and communication from the SEM team wer exceptional.I’m considering some future expansion options (additional panels, another PW) and if I move forward, SEM would be my first choice.
Chris F.
18:34 11 Nov 20
Excellent in every respect from sales consulting on our system to system design and engineering to implementation and service follow up we’ve been pleased with SEM. No glitches with the process to get government and regulatory approvals for net metering either! We would strongly recommend SEM and by the way they are just good and high integrity individuals too.
Chuck P.
18:36 09 Oct 20
Graham and Maddie make a great team. We've only been up and running for 2 weeks so a true review is premature, but the communication and installation went smoothly. Would recommend highly.
Sylvia B.
17:22 06 Sep 20
Professional in sales process, permitting, installation, and ongoing service.
Ted T.
13:44 01 Sep 20
We are exceptionally pleased that we chose Southern Energy Management as our solar provider. From our initial contact to after installation education, the service provided by Southern Energy Management and our primary point of contact, Graham Alexander, has been outstanding. Highly recommended.
Dan D.
20:44 14 Aug 20
We had a solar system installation earlier in 2020 and it has been online now for 3 months. We are extremely happy with all aspects of the ordering, design, installation and operation.From the timing, you will note that the installation took place during 'lockdown' and SEM had good protocols in place for dealing with containment.It's rare for me to give a five star review, but SEM deserve it for a few reasons: First and foremost they were logistically superbly organized to support us through the Duke rebate application nightmare. Brandon and his team were simply outstanding in ensuring that we were briefed, had real time support during, and then, perhaps most importantly, went in to bat for us when Duke's site collapsed and the denied our application. Eventually, Duke accepted that e HAD applied in the right way and the right time, but without Brandon's team that would have been a most painful process. The other reason that I give a five star is that when issues arise, as they always do in a project such as this, issues were resoled easily and quickly. Maddie and her team resolved insurance back and forward (again with Duke :-)) and she was available promptly to tackle questions, updates and to 'make things happen'.All in all, an unqualified recommendation. Oh, and a significant reduction in electricity bills (at least in mid-summer)
Graham B.
13:38 05 Aug 20
I went with SEM not just for pricing reasons (though they were highly competitive), but for their technical expertise, lengthy history in the solar business, and certified B corp status. On top of all this, their extended team is personable, knowledgeable and highly responsive to questions (even after you sign). A strong recommend from a very satisfied customer!
Eliisa Griffin A.
03:59 24 Jul 20
It was great working with Randy Linhart on my proposal. I'd highly recommend him and Southern Energy. The presentation was very professional and informative. Know that you're getting a high quality system if you use them.
Carey V.
16:45 16 Jul 20
Excellent service and quality. any issues we had were taken care of promptly.
19:18 26 Jun 20
Even through COVID-19 Southern Energy Management installed my 22 panel system. They were very professional and safety minded when it came to being in am house during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The team wore masks and wiped everything down as they worked to ensure they didn’t accidentally spread COVID-19. I do Highly recommend Southern Energy Management to anyone considering going Solar.I am looking forward to years of Solar generated energy.
Duane C.
18:03 25 Jun 20
My wife and I have experienced an amazing and gratifying process of acquiring and having solar panels installed. Southern Energy Management did an outstanding making this happen.
sankey M.
13:51 25 Jun 20
The whole process was extremely smooth from the information session to the last detail. The sales rep was knowledgeable, thorough and experienced. I was kept informed of everything that was going to happen and was given choices of dates and times of day. The installers were professional and always on time. They left the place clean and just as they found it. The office personnel was a joy to deal with - they were available for questions and got back to me in a very timely fashion. Southern Management Energy takes care of all the permits, contacting the HOA (if you have one), the county for the permits, and your electric provider. I cannot be happier that I chose SEM for my solar project!!!
O D.
18:07 16 Jun 20
Informative presentation, professional installation, good results. Very happy with Southern Energy.
Gary S.
14:21 10 Jun 20
If you want a professional installations of solar for your house - you need not look anywhere else than Southern Energy Mgmt. Graham and his solar team made my installation so easy from beginning to producing my own energy. I picked Southern Energy to do my install based on their long history & experience in the industry . The installation crew headed up by Rich were top notch and professional. Total install took 3 days and then I was up and producing energy. Kelly my project coordinator communicated with me at every stage and was a pleasure to work with and all the staff returned my emails almost immediately if I had questions. The Solar-Edge monitoring system lets me see in real time how my solar panels are working and and I like being able see how much CO2 emission is saved by my solar panels. I feel confident that 20 years from now - I'll be able to depend on Southern Energy to be there if I need them. Thank you Solar Team! Gwen Belcredi
Gwen B.
23:08 08 Jun 20
Although the process of getting solar was long, Southern Energy Management helped all the way.
sarah S.
18:47 25 May 20
Great technical support, new owner orientation.
Joann H.
14:58 25 May 20
So far, so good with a new set of solar panels and a powerwall battery backup that SEM set up at my home. Nice to drive down costs and be able to management my consumption as well as have emergency backup power to keep water, fridge, and food served for the family. SEM folks are friendly, reliable, and work to get the job done properly with county inspections and power company rebates to boot!
Randy Van B.
18:52 15 May 20
I am a repeat customer of Southern Energy Management and they once again did a great job, start to finish. When my wife and I sold our house and bought another, one of the first calls I made was to SEM to talk about adding solar to the new house. I worked with Graham Alexander to get a quote and coordinate the project. It was too late in 2019 to get the project installed before the end of the year. We arranged for delivery of the panels to occur before December 31st and I paid the initial amount so I could get the 30% tax credit that expired at the end of the year. Maddie O'Beirne was our project manager and she kept us informed every step of the way.At the end of the day, the works was done on schedule and very professionally and was priced competitively.I highly recommend Southern Energy Management to anyone considering solar.
Aubrey M.
15:28 05 May 20
Southern Energy Management was great to work with for our solar install-- we are so happy we went with them as there are a lot of companies out there. They were very communicative, professional, skilled, courteous, prompt- helped navigate the solar rebate and tax credit. We HIGHLY recommend them- you can't go wrong and we are cranking out all kinds of solar power now!! Everyone should have solar- it pays for itself over time and it's the right thing to do!
Nancy C.
11:34 17 Apr 20
Thanks to Southern Energy for putting solar panels on the roof. Great process, start to finish.
Martin R.
22:00 15 Apr 20
Got solar with SEM several years ago, and then had them install a Tesla Powerwall a couple of months ago. Fantastic work both times. Very knowledgeable project managers and installers. A great company!
Mark T.
19:40 15 Apr 20
Great experience with Southern Energy Management. Every person I dealt with for our installation (around 38 panels) was professional and friendly, even working in a 100 year old home. I love geeking out on our solar system, and they answered all the questions I could come up with. They also seem to treat their employees well. Highly recommended.
Aris B.
20:54 14 Apr 20
I am very excited to have my solar system up and operating. Working with the SEM team has been such a pleasure. Their enthusiasm and work ethic is such a joy and infectious. I highly recommend this excellent, local company if you are considering solar!!!
Mike P.
14:46 10 Mar 20
Have had two systems installed by Southern Energy Management. Great installation, clean work, sized perfectly! Works as designed!
Dave S.
15:08 15 Feb 20
Just completed all the final steps of my 7 kWh system installation from Southern Energy Management, and this process really could not have been any easier. The folks at Southern Energy Management will take care of your project from start to finish. This is how project management should work everywhere.Mike Neptune got us started helping us figure out what kind of system we could do and whether it made financial sense for us to do it (it did at our house in Durham, not at our house in another location). He did not try to up sell us things that would not work.Dave Anderson will guide you step by step through how things work getting all the engineering stuff done. Dave really went above and beyond to make sure that our weirdly complex system went in without any hassles or problems.Maddie O’Bierne managed all the interconnection stuff, permitting, insurance, and making sure that you avoid any and all problems with Duke Energy. She made it such that I didn’t have to think about any details that would derail this thing.Brandon Pendry guides you through the process of getting your Duke Energy rebate and he made sure I got my full rebate. I do not envy him the task of dealing with those people, but he does so cheerfully.All in all, probably the best team I could have asked for. Thanks a bunch guys.
Benjamin W.
14:59 12 Feb 20
I could not be more impressed and grateful for the team at Southern Energy Management. While I am still planning my installation, the team have gone above and beyond to help me plan. They are extremely clear about the process, upfront about all the costs, and steps, and the support every step of the way is superb. They are professional, kind, and caring - they go beyond just service!As part of the process, there is the application for the Duke Energy rebate program. This year, there was a severe glitch in the system at the application step, and the team at Southern Energy Management have gone way beyond my expectations to support me and all of their clients in the midst of this error. They have no responsibility to take for the errors and poor service of Duke Energy, but have done everything in their power to support me and my application, and to fight on my behalf for the rebate. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and beyond impressed. If you are looking for not only a service provider, but a partner to support your solar installation, look no further!!
Bart E.
11:00 09 Feb 20
very easy to work with. Gave full information, so there were no surprises and I felt fully informed. I highly recommend them for your solar needs. They went the extra mile to give individualized service for our particular situation.
Lois B.
22:26 23 Dec 19
Southern Energy installed a 9.3kW system on my house. I got several quotes and theirs was the best price/performance. The panels are very sensitive and even generate small amounts of energy when it is raining. Their people Sara, Alex, Sam and Brandon managed presales, construction, permits with Duke and the town, metering and rebates smoothly and with no effort required on my part. The system comes with a metering portal so I can see throughout the day how much I am generating and consuming. The energy I generate but don't use gets credited back at retail price to Duke, so I don't need a battery. My next project will be to install Nest thermometers and smart lights to reduce my energy consumption as close as possible to my generating capacity.
Lars E.
00:11 19 Dec 19
Received excellent service from Dave Anderson and others through the entire process. Everyone was very knowledgeable and are true professionals. I am very happy with my solar panels and my decision to use Southern Energy Management.
Donna F.
18:40 15 Dec 19
The personnel at Southern Energy Management were awesome to work with from the beginning to the completion of the project installing solar panels on our roof. They answered questions quickly and were always available for us. A truly wonderful experience and we're very glad we did it! Even better is decrease in electrical bill!!
Judy L.
00:45 10 Dec 19
I am pleased with the addition of 10 new solar panels plus adding optimizers to my older panels, a new inverter & addition of snow guards to the panels on the upper roof. The technicians were all friendly, timely & kept me informed of the progress of project.
Suzy L.
03:04 30 Nov 19
Only good things to say! Every person we worked with listened to our questions and concerns. Sara M, solar residential specialist and salesperson, was patient, thorough, punctual. Maddie, project manager, held our hand through the process, making the required interaction with Duke seamless, and clarifying every step we needed to act upon. Davison engineered the installation. He is a caring problem solver, and took the time to meet with builder Jeff in order to optimize the layout and esthetics of the conduits. Carie, bookkeeper, was prompt, precise, and helpful. As I said, only good things to say! Thank you, Southern Energy Management!- Inge & Clay (Hillsborough, NC)
Inge De B.
22:27 26 Nov 19
We had a solar installation done in late August. Everyone from the install techs to the office staff were great and super easy to deal with. After speaking to some friends that used another company (multiple inspection fails and no guidance on the Duke rebate plan), I’m happy that we went with SEM.
Joe M.
15:40 15 Nov 19
Happy to reduce our carbon footprint with a 30 panel installation and a Tesla Powerwall designed and installed by our friends at Southern Energy Management. Great service from SEM and they are sticking with us with excellent service to make sure we understand how this system works, and how we get our rebate from Duke. Highly recommended!
Gregg W.
23:19 30 Sep 19
Second house we built in two years and, though new to solar the first time, it was a must have then and again on the new house. Great service from start to finish with Southern Energy. Held our hand through the process and helped get the rebates and tax credits that really reduced the cost. Ran herd on the local energy supplier to smooth the installation of the required metering and hardware. Great orientation to the system apps and monitoring to actually see the savings on a daily basis. Twice the happiness on two installations! Highly recommended. In fact I have several folks who have installed on my experience and are as happy!!
Jeff K.
22:49 30 Sep 19
Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and my powerwall 2 works as advertised, I"m a happy camper!
Kris V.
17:05 18 Sep 19
I had the most amazing experience with Southern Energy Management from the first contact through the end. They were super friendly, flexible, supportive, helpful and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend them enough, there aren't more stars to give. I am so glad I went solar and that I did my research. I have zero reservations about using them or recommending them. The whole process took from May through August from first contact and discussions to up and running and complete. I understand my system, it's abilities, my energy usage, and what a difference I am making. If you are seeking the Solar route - use this company! They're local, stand behind their work and products, and are a certified B Corp (you'll find out what that means if you don't already know)
Nicholas Von H.
19:17 17 Sep 19
The entire experience was excellent from design to installation. I was very impressed with everyone that worked on my installation.
Paul F.
18:59 16 Sep 19
Highly recommend! This company is very easy to work with and they made the entire process so easy and painless. They are very professional and reliable. Everyone we engaged with was friendly and helpful.
Kimberly Hickey B.
15:46 30 Dec 18
SEM completed my first project with them in 2010. I just had another great experience with them on my new house in Downtown Raleigh. They did a great job, communicated well with the General Contractor and Architect, and kept on top of the schedule. I'm still a very pleased customer!
Scott P S.
17:54 20 Mar 18
SEM is a dedicated group of professionals who work very hard everyday at their craft - solar energy and energy saving solutions. They are pioneers in the field and their passion is contagious from their leadership right down to their installers and support staff. True professionals.
Mike R.
18:41 22 Sep 17
SEM was wonderful to work with. They worked with me to tailor their services to meet the needs of my solar project. From the work with their engineers to customer service to the installers ....we found the process smooth, efficient and with significant value add. I highly recommend Southern Energy Management.
Kenneth M.
19:22 07 Nov 14
just finished installing solar roof panels. very satisfied with SEM every step of the way, from first info visit to post-installation orientation. Every individual we've met or worked with via email has been professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly. No hesitation in recommending SEM!
Patti R.
13:01 29 May 14
What a great experience! If you are interested in renewable energy, give Southern Energy Management a call!!! They worked with us to create a Photovoltaic (PV) System that fit our needs. Each member of the Solar Team who worked on our project was extremely professional and friendly. The project was completed before the 90 days originally outlined, and all work was on budget! The Solar Team stayed in contact with us during each step of the process. They were great at answering all our questions. Now we are watching our system increase its production of solar energy and watching our use of energy from the grid decrease. Awesome!
Sharon A.
21:50 26 Mar 14

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