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Learn if solar is right for you before Duke Energy’s solar net metering changes go into effect on October 1, 2023

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North Carolina Solar Net Metering

What's Changing?

Duke Energy is making changes to how solar energy is credited on your bill starting October 1, 2023. Anyone who goes solar BEFORE October 1 will be grandfathered into the current system through 2027 and have more options going forward as North Carolina transitions to a new era for solar.

Why go solar now?

Going solar before October 1 will:
  • Grandfather you into legacy net metering 
  • Allow you to avoid program changes until 2027
  • Provide the full range of options for how you are credited for solar in the future
  • Give you until 2027 to gather data points for us to model which credit option will be best for you going forward under Net Metering 2.0

Lock in Net Metering by OCT 1

The countdown has started! Control your energy future by going solar before October 1. Our team is here to help you get started and answer all your questions. Just fill out the form to let us know you’re interested in seeing your solar savings before Duke’s big change.

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