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North Carolina Solar Net Metering update

what's changing?

North Carolina Solar Net Metering 2.0

Duke Energy is making changes to how solar energy is credited on your bill starting October 1, 2023. Anyone who goes solar BEFORE October 1 will be grandfathered into the current system through 2027 and have more options going forward as North Carolina transitions to a new era for solar.

The process to get your system designed and approved can take several weeks, so if you’re considering going solar, you need to get started by September 15th to meet the October 1st net metering deadline. Reach out for a free quote today.


Why go solar now?

Going solar before October 1 will:
  • Grandfather you into legacy net metering 
  • Allow you to avoid program changes until 2027
  • Provide the full range of options for how you are credited for solar in the future
  • Give you until 2027 to gather data points for us to model which credit option will be best for you going forward under Net Metering 2.0

Lock In Legacy Net Metering Today

The countdown has started! Control your energy future by going solar before October 1. Our team is here to help you get started and answer all your questions. Just fill out the form or schedule a meeting below to let us know you’re interested in seeing your solar savings before Duke’s big change.

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Born and bred in Raleigh, NC, Southern Energy Management has been installing solar in North Carolina since 2001. With 22+ years of experience installing 3,000+ solar systems, our team of 150+ solar and building performance professionals have the experience and expertise to find the best solar solution for any scenario. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is net energy metering in NC?

Net energy metering (also known as NEM or net metering), is one of several interconnection policies offered in North Carolina. An interconnection policy is a fancy phrase for how a utility company compensates you for the extra solar energy you send back to the grid. In North Carolina, net metering has offered the best value compared to other policies such as buy-all-sell-all or sell-excess.  

Currently, Duke Energy’s net metering policy offers a true 1:1 credit, valuing the extra solar energy you send to the grid at the full retail rate you pay for energy from the grid. Other policies like buy-all-sell-all might only offer you a heavily discounted wholesale rate for the solar energy you send to the grid, while charging you the full retail rate for any energy you pull from the grid.

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Is Net Metering Going Away in NC?

Duke Energy’s net metering program is not going away per say, but it will look very different from the current program. Under the next iteration of net metering, known as net metering 2.0, the existing 1:1 credit value will shift to a modified net metering rate or a new time-of-use (TOU) rate. A new fee structure will also be introduced for solar customers. This is why we believe now is the best time to go solar before these changes go into effect after October 1st.

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What areas do you serve?

Southern Energy Management is North Carolina’s most established solar installer. We’ve helped 3000+ homes and businesses make the switch to solar since 2001. Our Raleigh-based team of in-house solar experts is proud to serve the areas of:

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