WRAL Solar Story with Southern Energy Management

We’re excited for the opportunity spread the word about the financial and environmental benefits of home solar power with WRAL. The WRAL video above features 2 of our residential solar projects near Fayetteville, NC: one completed for our great solar advocate Al Keller in 2013 and the other which is currently being installed for WRAL’s own, Gilbert Baez. 

Graham Alexander, Residential Solar Specialist at Southern Energy Management, was interviewed for the story and covers the average cost of home solar — $18,000-$20,000 (before incentives) — and the 30% federal tax credit for solar. One important point not covered in the video is that 2019 is the last year to take advantage of the full 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit. After 2019, the Federal Tax Credit reduces in value annually until it disappears for homeowners in 2022. Taking advantage of the full 30% tax credit is a big reason why we’re advising the “solar curious” to explore solar now, before this awesome incentive sunsets. 

Big thanks to Gilbert Baez for coordinating the story and for Al Keller’s awesome advocacy in this video and throughout the years (and also for letting me drive his Tesla!). You can check out the full WRAL story here: WRAL Solar with Southern Energy Management.

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