Meet the Spring 2020 Shine On Champions

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Each quarter, our Builder Services team dedicates a Shine On Champion award to someone we work with who exemplifies our core values.

There have been so many Shine On Champions all around us in the past few months, so we’re trying something different. We asked our team to nominate those in their life, professional or personal, who have really shined for their response to work, life, and their community during this pandemic.

Typically, our Shine on Champ winner receives a sparkly new Yeti cooler filled with goodies and cash. This time we’re spreading the love with our community. For each nomination we’ve received, we’re donating $25 to the COVID-19 Healthcare Hero Response Fund, which partners with locally owned restaurants across NC to provide meals to healthcare heroes on the front lines of caring for our communities.

Here are the spotlights our team had to share of the twenty one Spring Shine On Champs that they nominated: 

Hand washing station on a construction site during COVID-19

Ryan Homes

Nominated by Kyle Schultz
Ryan Homes hand washing stations on site! This is one the many ways they are keeping their job sites safe during these challenging times. Our field team truly appreciates their commitment to the health and safety of their trade partners. SHINE ON- Ryan Homes!

Richard Sherman / Royal Oaks Building Team

Nominated by Alan Miller
Royal Oaks is one of the few builders who has taken the COVID situation seriously since the start and continues to. Early on they required masks for working in their neighborhoods and have put hand washing stations around their neighborhoods as well. Richard Sherman continues to enforce the mask policy as we get those emails forwarded to us by our field manager. In addition to this, Richard supports his team by responding and congratulating his site supervisors when their homes pass HERO performance targets. I’ve talked to Rick Sargent a site supervisor in Clayton who said one of the highlights to his day is receiving that “ Great job!! Another HERO home! Thanks Who’s next?” email after passing an inspection.

Elizabeth Shine On Champion

Elizabeth Stapleton

Nominated by Jamie Stapleton
You wouldn't know Elizabeth is my mom because she's extremely crafty and creative. She's a media assistant at a middle school, so when she was told not to come into work, she broke out her sewing machine. So far, she's made over fifty masks and sent them all over North Carolina. Farm workers, medical assistants, nurses, Wal Mart employees, and special needs childcare workers are all wearing Elizabeth Stapleton Originals. Not to mention she's "Never Settle" personified. She just perfected her third version of the mask because the others weren't "comfy" enough.

Bonnie Shine On Champion

Bonnie Locklear

Nominated by Daniel Conner
Bonnie is 5 months pregnant with our first child and a critical care nurse at UNC Hospital. She has yet to complain or show frustration with the extra risk and extra work Covid 19 has had on her life. She's a nurse because she wants to help people, it's her personal mission. Regardless of the impact Covid 19 has on her personally or through her work, she goes forward with Grace and appreciation that she gets to live her mission of helping others. She's my Shine On Champion.

Elizabeth and her family

My wife - Elizabeth Alexander

Nominated by Graham Alexander
It is much easier to quantify the impacts on business but push to the background the emotional toll it is taking on everything. I continually am impressed by my wife's ability to hold our family together in this tough time. While I get to head to work on Monday morning, she has the real job of taking care of a baby, and now teaching a 3 and 6-year-old at the same time. The advanced planning this takes on the weekend and energy that this takes during the week is something that I just would not have. This is not to say that I do not cherish every moment that I have with my family.... I am just not as strong as her. The ability to maintain a smile while feeding, teaching, changing, disciplining, and loving every day is something I really admire in her.

Caroline and her dog

Caroline Carman

Nominated by Taylor Fearrington
My wife, Caroline is the head of school for a small Montessori school located in Hillsborough, NC. Since the pandemic hit she has worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition to digital learning for over 130 children. In addition to the shift towards a digital classroom she has also had to ensure the school remained on stable financial footing. Early morning bank meetings and late night board of director calls (plus a full day of school administrative duties) are the new norm. Caroline has balanced the interests of her faculty, parents and most of all, her students with grace and compassion during this challenging time. She deserves a huge shout out for her leadership and perseverance!

Amicus Solar Logo

Amicus Coop Owners Group

Nominated by Bob Kingery
As soon as the Virus hit America the Amicus team knew all 56 companies would need more support and we would be stronger together. They started up twice a week calls for all principals. These calls have 50 plus people on them weekly and the sharing is phenomenal. From HR details to strategy on how to manage with empathy through this crisis - This group has risen to the challenges we all have. Sharing of internal training and details of how we can sell better from afar are some examples of how we supported each other. Amicus has also formed smaller groups of 8 owners and we meet to do a more deep dive every couple of weeks on our specific issues - from business to personal ones too. All with a spirit of shared vision of a world with more renewable energy and business as a force for good. Really proud to be a part of this Coop.

Lydia Shine On Champ

Lydia Mauney

Nominated by Alex Taylor
My future sister in law, Lydia Mauney, works in the ICU unit in Newport Beach, California. Her dedication to her patients over the past 2 months has been the definition of resiliency. She works the 7 PM – 7 AM shift and is recognized as a leader amongst her crew, despite only being 25 years old. She also finds the time to video chat her entire family each day to remind them that she is doing well. To know that she is putting herself at risk being on the front lines, while also staying safe has inspired me to not take the little things for granted. This quarantined time that we’ve had, although we’ve been apart, has actually become a force that unites our family closer.

Christopher Fry

Nominated by John Fry
Senior year of high school has been crushed > no prom, no graduation, no class parties... with all that he has kept great spirits/ positive attitude and continues to work on his future plans getting ready for higher learning. He also finished up real estate classes and even took our HERS Associate Course (and passed both) during this whole ordeal. He has also been helping me in the yard and with other projects to pass the time.

Governor Roy Cooper

Nominated by Grant Warner
Governor Cooper has handled this current pandemic with integrity, intelligence, and transparency. He has guided our state through this time with science and facts that I think has helped saved many lives in our state and has helped flatten the curve in NC. I look to him as a role model in how to treat people regardless of their political stance. I am proud of our Governor and extremely happy that he is in office during this scary and uncertain time.

Gregg Warren

Nominated by Jacob Hauser
Gregg recently stepped down as President of DHIC, Inc. Since 1985 he has lead DHIC in developing affordable housing properties in the Carolinas and has become a champion of the community. DHIC is committed to creating sustainable community through building healthy homes and apartments, offering counseling to new/prospective homeowners, and a broad range of other services your average developer/builder does not do. From all the community engagement he has had and the impact upon affordable housing in NC, to having solar put his home by SEM, I feel Gregg Warren is a great option for the SHINE ON Award.

Lori Shine On Champ with son Niko

Lori Cuadrado

Nominated by Rachel Della Valle
There are so many Shine On Champions in my life right now but the one that is shining the brightest is my wife, Lori Cuadrado. She is an ICU nurse on the COVID 19 Team at UNC Hospital and thus has been hit with added stress, mentally and physically at work for the last 2+ months. Despite being told they have to wear the same mask for 5 days in a row to save PPE, to having three new staff meetings a week and sharing an office the size of Harry Potter's bedroom under the stairs she continues to keep a positive attitude and seek solutions. For instance she streamlined the COVID 19 swabbing process! And all the while she is an amazing wife and Momma for our family. Our one year old Niko's daycare closed about two months ago so we've been tag teaming child care and work and keeping the peace. She's making us homemade birthday desserts, leading family and friends video calls and saying things like "let's buy a house in the next two months". She's still ready to take on new and bigger projects. Shine on Lori!

Russell, Shine On Champion

Russell Davis

Nominated by Jamie Hager
I met Russell Davis on his birthday several years ago when our good friend Iris brought him and Jay to Bynum to go tubing and I can't thank Iris or the Universe enough for bringing amazing people like Russell into my life. Russell is a relentless but humble creative, comedian, writer, co-founder of the The Traumedy Show -- a local storytelling show the gives platform for people who want to share their stories of survival and laugh with them through it -- and so much more. He does lots of nature walks and noticed how much trash was building up at Jordan Lake, so he organized a group, officially adopted a section of the lake, and got all of us motivated to make a difference and be the people that care when others can't or don't. He is an intentional get things done with fierce love kind of person, that sees trauma and fear and knows how to love it right in the face. The fear and uncertainty of the recent months didn't stand a chance. During this time of social distancing and groups not getting together, and people getting out into nature more to get out of their homes, Russell noticed the trash has been building up again so is currently coordinating a social-distance clean up across 3 different spots, complete with individual gloves and sanitized equipment, leading us all to be part of something good and beautiful and safe at the same time. He also figured out how to restore old photos and is being recognized by the historical society in his hometown for work he just did to bring some of them back to life! Shine On Russell Davis, so grateful to shine a light on the world you make possible!

Andrew McMahan

Nominated by Sara Collier
Andy is the chair of the Sustainability Department at Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro. He has helped instructors and students coordinate the transition to online courses and managed to get us all through the end of the semester - and still has a lot of heavy lifting ahead as we continue to adapt to a world after COVID. It is no easy task, as the student base is so diverse and with many different needs and challenges. Andy is a tireless source of support for everyone at the college, and still, he always seems to have a moment for a friendly chat and a word of encouragement.

Lindsay Patterson

Nominated by Randy Linhart
I am nominating Lindsay Patterson who is a nurse in the Traumatic Intensive Care Unit at Duke University Hospital. I think Lindsay deserves this Shine On recognition for the positive, attentive, and caring way she performs her work as a nurse. I have heard first hand some of the painful, daunting and tiring trials she's faced during this pandemic, and yet Lindsay just keeps shining! She uses her calm demeanor and her genuinely caring nature to treat her patients. She is also creative in the ways she interacts with those in her care ensuring they feel cared for and heard. She sees her work as a way to make a powerful impact for good and so she lets her light shine in a place that needs it the most!

Brian Spring Shine On Champion

Brian Reilly

Nominated by Kathryn Reilly
I am nominating the best husband in the world, mine! Brian started following the virus when it was first disclosed and planned for what we would need if it were to arrive locally. He had built up a stockpile of essential supplies, cleaners, sanitizers, etc. - enough to have for ourselves and our children and their families. He has enjoyed having me working from home for the past almost 8 weeks, even though I have totally disrupted his routine and having the house all to himself. He is the much more rational one than I am, when it comes to things like social distancing, etc. and has helped me recognize that these precautions are not just for ourselves but others as well. I can not think of anyone that I would rather go through these strange times with than my husband.

Christy Marr

Nominated by Davis Jones
My fiancee Christy has been a nurse at UNC Chapel Hill for a little over 3 years now. She has worked exclusively on the Postpartum floor, with most of her patients (baby and mother) being high risk. She's been a champion through this entire ordeal. She rotates between day and night shift, and anyone who has had rotating schedules before knows how rough that can be.

Right as this began, management wanted Christy to step up to a role known as charge nurse. Their main role is to manage the floor (room assignments, admissions, discharges, and nurse shift scheduling). She's charged through headfirst with very little hesitation.
Then the hospitals faced PPE shortages. They were given surgical masks to use for 5 shifts before they could exchange it for a new mask. These are normally disposed of after exiting each patient's room. Her potential for exposure to COVID-19 is not quite as high as others, but it's still a constant thought during her 12 hour shifts. She continues to go into work with a bright smile on her face, taking the best care possible of her mother/baby duos.

I would love to nominate my wonderful fiancee, she deserves it!

April, Spring Shine On Champ

April Reinhart

Nominated by Maddie O'Beirne
Some Wake County families rely heavily on the National School Lunch Program to provide their children with breakfast and lunch at school. With schools closing due to COVID-19, families are struggling to feed their children. April Reinhart has been volunteering her spare time during the COVID-19 pandemic by picking up meals every weekday morning from a Wake County school and delivering them to the families in our community that need it the most. April is a ray of sunshine in a dark time! She always puts others first and has the biggest heart. She is a true Shine-On Champion!

Grant Spring Shine On Champ

Grant Warner

Nominated by Jordan Reitmeier
Grant is the field manager for our MES Multifamily team, he is also our designated QAD and helps us make all our inspections. He is the project manager for a large number of our jobs and gives 100% to all seats he sits in. He inspires me to work harder and do more for the company, and he lives SEM's core values in his personal life as well and has a great sustainable farm.

Brenna & Adam, Spring Shine On Champions

Brenna and Adam Burnette

Nominated by Jamie Hager
I have been friends with Brenna and Adam for over 20 years and while they always shine to me, I am excited to nominate them as Shine-On Champions. Brenna is in healthcare as both a CRNA and a Healthcare Coach, helping folks both with their physical and mental health and habits and getting control of their lives and happiness. Adam is also a health coach and an engineer with a 3D printing side business. When they found out many of their friends and colleagues did not have adequate PPE, Adam began 3-D printing face shields from home with his own money and materials to help keep them safe. He has now printed hundreds of face shields and through friend networks delivered them all over the country so our healthcare workers on the front lines can stay protected! They are both amazing examples of being the change and the kinds of people that seek solutions, not excuses, especially in times of crisis and I'm so excited to get to shine a light on them! Love you Brenna and Adam!!

Debi Holt (& Stella)

Nominated by Alyssa Hardbower
I am nominating our awesome team member, Debi, for bringing joy to SEM inboxes each day! Debi began a daily travel trivia activity with her team and so kindly invited all of us at SEM to join. The set up is simple with Debi entering a new trivia question from around the world into our Google sheet and those who want to participate entering their answers below. Not only is Debi dedicated to keeping the game going by updating the sheet daily, but every morning I'm greeted by a kind and positive message along with a reminder to jump in and take my best trivia guess. What might seem like a simple spreadsheet and 2 minutes out of my day, has helped me to feel even more connected with our team, especially during a time when it is so easy to isolate yourself while working remote. Thank you Debi for seeking solutions and helping us all to enjoy the journey! PS -- I'm attaching a glamorous picture of Debi's dog, Stella, who I'm sure we all miss seeing very much while away from the office.

Shine On!

A big thanks to our team for taking the time to recognize the loving, caring, compassionate, and dedicated individuals above. With 21 nominations, we’ll be donating a total of $525 to the COVID-19 Healthcare Hero Response Fund. We appreciate all the Shine On Champions in our world that help keep our communities healthy, strong, safe, and moving forward each day.

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