Alyssa Hardbower

Sailing Into Solar & Sustainability

Front View of New Home with Roof Mount Solar System

Shine Tribe Solar Spotlight Welcome to the first solar spotlight in our new series showcasing the stories of our Shine Tribe members! Seeing completed installs on gorgeous homes like this is always rewarding, but at the end of the day, learning about our customers’ journeys and why they chose to go solar is even more […]

42 Local Gift Ideas for Social and Environmental Impact

Local North Carolina Gift from a B Corporation

Here at Southern Energy Management, our mission is to improve the way people make and use energy. However, our journey does not stop there as we constantly search for ways to create a brighter tomorrow. Which is exactly why we created this gift guide for you. This guide — born from the “Vote Every Day” […]

Solar Federal Tax Credit: What Is and Isn’t Eligible

Ranch Home with Solar and Americana Flag

We’ve seen a lot of suspect practices in the solar industry recently. One that irks us the most is bundling. The Federal renewable energy tax credit is a great incentive for going solar, but it is unjust to abuse it. Whether it’s tacking efficiency measures or the cost of re-roofing onto a solar project, there […]

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