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Take Action to Support H.B. 889 and Expand Solar in NC [URGENT ACTION ALERT]

Contact THREE Representatives NOW to Move the Solar Rebate Expansion Forward

Rebates for solar are great for North Carolinians, but their limited availability has hampered the impact they could have on our local community and clean energy landscape.

This year, the entire 2019 allotment of the Duke Energy Solar Rebate filled up in just a few hours for residential and commercial customers in January, and before that it reached capacity in a matter of days when applications opened in 2018. It is clear that the demand for solar is growing in North Carolina making this rebate and other clean energy incentives precious but scarce–like a Hurricanes playoff series win!


Expanding Solar in NC with H. B. 889

On Apr 16, a new bill was introduced in the NC legislature that will expand North Carolina’s solar rebate program while maintaining the overall cost of the program. H.B. 889 proposes a reduction in the value of the rebate that each home can claim so that more solar installations can apply and achieve this valuable offset.

Although H.B. 889 reduces the dollar value of the rebate per-household, it increases the odds that twice as many families going solar will be able to get any portion of the rebate AND has the potential to encourage more solar adoption, which is good for our power grid and environment. We support this approach because we don’t think that solar should be limited to only a few homes with exceptional internet speed or that families should have to make a financial gamble when going solar because of the uncertainty of whether they’ll get the solar rebate.


Take Action to Support H.B. 889


House Bill 889 MUST be heard next Tuesday in the House Energy and Public Utilities Committee in order to move forward. The bill’s original sponsors, Representatives Edward Goodwin (R- Bertie, Camden, Chowan, Perquimans, Tyrrell, Washington) and Howard Hunter (D- Gates, Hertford, Pasquotank), need support in the form of their counterparts and it’s our job to get these representatives on board! Here’s how you can do it:




(Copy & Paste, add rep name and your name, send)

Dear [Representative Name & District],

I want you to co-sponsor House Bill 889 because it’s good for North Carolina’s clean energy economy, will maintain the program’s overall cost, and will allow more families the freedom to choose where they get their energy from.

Your Constituent,

[Insert Your Name]
[Your Address]


Phone Call


“Hi. My name is [Your Name] from [Your County]. I want you to co-sponsor House Bill 889 because:

  • It’s good for North Carolina’s clean energy economy
  • Will maintain the program’s overall cost
  • And will allow more families the freedom to choose where they get their energy from.

This is an important issue your constituents want you to stand behind. Thank you.”


Here is a list of the representatives on the House Energy and Public Utilities Committee, so let’s fill up their inboxes and voicemails with our vociferous support of the Solar Rebate Expansion Bill, H.B. 889.


Rep. Dean Arp


Distric 69 – Union



Rep. Brenden Jones


Distric 46 – Columbus, Robeson



Rep. John Szoka


Distric 45 – Cumberland


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