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CBS17 Interview: 2019 Duke Energy Solar Rebate

The word is out that the 2019 Duke Solar Rebate allocation has been filled.


Since the rebate launched in 2017 with House Bill 589, demand for solar has skyrocketed. In general, the solar rebate has been great for our business and the greater North Carolina solar market. However, the policy has not been all sunshine and rainbows. The lucrative nature of the rebate has attracted national solar companies to North Carolina that often pursue aggressive sales tactics and have lower standards for accuracy and customer service than most local North Carolina solar companies. Additionally, the rebate’s annual structure drives a cycle of market booms and busts that create unique planning challenges for NC solar companies. Nevertheless, as we gear up for the 2020 rebate, we continue to welcome the rebate program because it allows us to grow, create new local solar jobs, and have a larger positive impact.


The entire 2019 rebate capacity for homes and businesses was claimed within the first few hours after the application opened — clearly showing how strong the demand for clean energy is in North Carolina. Despite the rapidity with which the program filled up, we are excited to say that more than 96% of our customers were accepted into the 2019 rebate program!


If you are just beginning your solar journey — don’t worry! Despite this year’s solar rebate reaching capacity, 2019 is still a great time to go solar. Going solar now will allow you to capitalize on the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit before the incentive drops to 26% in 2020 as the policy’s scheduled sunset begins.


Stay tuned, we’ll be releasing more information as soon as we get word from Duke on info for the 2020 solar rebate. In the meantime, check out what our CEO and Co-Founder, Bob Kingery, has to say about the rebate recently on CBS17.