Warming with More Than the Sun

February 13, 2018

Puxatawny Phil rudely predicted 6 more weeks of winter on February 2nd. As a sunshine-loving, hot-fun-in-the-summertime singing solar and energy efficiency company, we were disappointed in this news to say the least. But instead of sitting back and letting our vitamin D levels continue to drop, we’re springing into action to help fight the continuing winter chill. Our team at SEM has gathered 87 new or gently used winter weather garments–a menagerie of jackets, a set of scarves worthy of a Paris fashion show, gloves of all sizes, and a head-wear assortment that would make Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie green with jealousy–to donate to the Salvation Army of Wake County Family Emergency Shelter.


We realize that 87 garments is only a small contribution to the mission to provide warm clothes for local families in need, but we also recognize that every little bit helps. We believe and hope that our donation will have a big impact on the individuals who benefit from the added warmth of these clothes–physically as well as emotionally. We like to give a special thanks to the Salvation of Army Shelter for their awesome work serving, warming, and supporting our neighbors in need during the winter months and throughout the year. We’d also like to recognize our own team member Debi Holt, who created and organized this effort, and who continually radiates our core values and B CorpTM culture.

Just for fun, here is Bri Sikorski doing her best Ralphie from A Christmas Story impression with all 87 of the garments on (#fakenews, she could actually only fit on about 4 jackets and 5 scarves before she started to overheat).

Bri and Ralphie wearing many winter coats
ralphie as ralphie

She’s probably not going to win any awards for this effort, but hey, every Ralphie impersonator has to start somewhere!

Stay warm out there and spread the warmth to others whenever you can!