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Fun Moments from Wake Energy Camp 2018

We had a blast hosting the Wake Energy Camp earlier this month for an afternoon of fun activities and sweet treats. Our conference rooms quickly transformed into makeshift classrooms as 40 rising 6th graders hopped off the bus and filled our office space. The lesson plans for the day consisted of four stations centered around solar power, energy efficiency, and striving to be the change. All around, one of our favorite highlights was seeing the enthusiasm these kids have for clean energy and living more sustainably. Here’s a round-up of all the awesome moments from Energy Camp 2018!

Station 1

Building Science

How can we tell how efficient a home is? This station took a look at what types of energy are used to power North Carolina and where that energy goes once it’s in a home. Students learned about common home inefficiencies and got to experience a hands on demonstration of how we find wasted energy using a blower door and thermal camera. The station concluded with a thermal selfie and climbing through the blower door. 

Station 2

Solar Education

How do we capture the power of the sun to generate clean energy? We began this station by discussing how our actions can create a lasting mark on our environment, and how solar power can help reduce that impact. Our lesson continued with a few sun facts, in persona! After that, we dove into the basics of how solar power works and what factors we consider when evaluating whether a home is fit for solar. There were lots of great questions from the students and we heard many say they wanted solar for their home too!   

Station 3

Energy Exploration

What are some things you can do at home to use less energy? This station dove into easy, everyday ways to be more energy efficient. Students tested different types of light bulbs and common appliances, like a hair dryer, with a watt meter to see what uses the most energy. We discussed alternatives to high consumption products such as using LED bulbs and letting your hair air-dry. The station concluded with a tour of our warehouse, including a hands on exploration of solar panels, an inverter, and Tesla Powerwall! 

Station 4

Sweet Sustainability

What does sustainability mean to you? Our team was pleasantly surprised by the answers students presented when we discussed this question over ice cream. Ideas ranged from how sustainability relates to solar energy to ways everyone can be more energy efficient. Words like long-lasting, capable, consistent, environmental consciousness, zero footprint buildings, and preservation are a few examples of just how awesome the answers were! The afternoon wrapped up with a presentation on how we practice sustainability for people and the planet as a certified B-Corp business.

If you couldn’t tell, we had an awesome time and are already looking forward to next year’s energy camp! Seeing the big ideas these young campers had was an inspiration to us all. We’re also excited for the possibility to see several of these future sustainability leaders take a seat beside us in our conference rooms again one day, and join us on our mission to change the way people make and use energy. 

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