Tesla Solar in North Carolina | 2020 Update

Tesla solar shingle roof with a powerwall system on a one story home with a Tesla electric vehicle in the driveway

There have been a lot of headlines in 2020 about Tesla solar products — this update covers what they mean for people interested in solar in North Carolina.

Tesla Powerwall Home Mockup

We’re Installing Our 1st Tesla Solar Panel System This Month

We’re excited to be installing our first Tesla solar panel  (not solar roof) system this month (July 2020). The main difference between our normal solar solution and the Tesla solar solution is that our solar installations have a “skirt” on the bottom of the array while Tesla’s racking has a “skirt” around the full perimeter of the array. For Tesla solar panel installs, we will still be using SolarEdge inverters and monitoring, unless a Tesla PowerWall is installed, in which case we will use Tesla’s monitoring platform. 

We’re not sure how widely available Tesla panels will be in the short term. Because of this uncertainty and because there aren’t major aesthetic or performance differences between Tesla solar panels from our established panel lineup — we still believe panels from leading manufacturers like LG & REC are the best way to go right now. We will continue to post updates as more Tesla Solar news is released and if anything changes in the NC solar market, so stay tuned for more information and lots of pics from the install!

Tesla Solar Roof Updates

The Tesla Solar Roof is the solar product we get the most questions about. The specs on the roof — which we explore in more detail in our post, Tesla Solar Roof: To Wait or Not to Wait? — have stayed the same: its going to look beautiful on roofs but it will come at an added cost. The decision to purchase a Tesla Solar Roof over a traditional solar panel system would be similar to the decision to re-roof with standing seam metal vs a traditional shingle. The end result will be the same to produce energy and keep your house dry, but it will come at a 50-60% cost premium which may be worth the enhanced aesthetics for you. 

What's the Deal With Tesla's Lowest Solar Price Guarantee?

Tesla recently made headlines after launching their “Lowest Price for Home Solar” guarantee in June. The main takeaway for North Carolina is: this offering is not currently available in NC. Tesla solar systems purchased through Tesla are only available in their direct sales markets. To the best of our knowledge, there has currently been no official public announcement for Tesla’s solar offerings to come to NC directly.  

Tesla Powerwalls Are Here and People Love Them!

We do have some good news about Tesla, though! We are a premier Certified Tesla Powerwall installer in NC and have been installing Powerwalls with new systems and adding them to existing solar systems every day. As we all know, Tesla’s products are in high demand, resulting in delayed supply. If you’re interested in the Powerwall product, let us know so we can get you on the list! You can learn more about Tesla Powerwalls via our guide, Top 17 Tesla Powerwall Questions Answered.

Should You Wait to Go Solar With Tesla?

Probably not. While Tesla’s brand recognition reigns supreme, and we remain as excited as anyone out there about their products, our recommendation ultimately remains the same: it’s not worth it to wait. If you need more signs that now’s a great time to start your solar journey, look no further — The Federal Tax Credit for solar has just been restored, making it a great time to see how solar can work for you. If you’re interested in getting started, reach out to us to get a free solar analysis, design, and quote!


Southern Energy Management does not represent Tesla’s views or opinions in any way. Any facts and statements on our website or digital content about the Tesla Powerwall and/or Tesla Solar Products are based on publicly available information on Tesla’s website and our own experience in working with Tesla and their products.

Our involvement with Tesla is as a certified Tesla Powerwall Installer and local solar installer that seeks to guide, educate, and support our customers to make the best solar decision for their home and/or business. This content is updated on a regular basis as new information is released and any inaccuracies or outdated information should be brought to our attention immediately so that we can correct it.

Top 17 Powerwall Questions Answered

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