Tesla Powerwall+ (Plus): Everything You Need To Know

a tesla powerwall+ system installed on the exterior of a modern, contemporary home

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If you’ve been asking, “What’s all the hooplah about the Tesla Powerwall+ (Plus),” then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we dive into what makes the Powerwall+ unique, and whether it is the right option for your home and energy goals.

What is a Powerwall+?

Powerwall+ (aka Powerwall Plus) is a Tesla inverter and a Tesla Powerwall 2 essentially bundled together. The technology takes a simplified approach with fewer components and better battery integration.

a tesla powerwall+ system installed on the exterior of a modern, contemporary home
A tesla Powerwall+ system installed on the exterior of a modern contemporary home

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What makes a Powerwall+ different from the Powerwall 2?

Powerwall+ (Plus) integrates a battery and solar inverter into one bundle, whereas the Powerwall 2 is just a battery. Technically the Powerwall+ is still two pieces of equipment, with a Tesla inverter installed above the Powerwall in a more integrated configuration.

You can see the Tesla Powerwall Plus spec sheet here.

SolarEdge Inverter

Inverter 101

The inverter is what we like to call “the brains” of the solar system. This piece of equipment converts DC power, generated by the solar panels, into AC power that you can use in your home.

It is usually installed near your meter or electrical panel. Common manufacturers you may have heard are SolarEdge, Enphase, or Tesla.

Learn more about the parts of a solar system here →  

Who can benefit from a Powerwall+?

Powerwall+ is a great solution for homeowners with non-shaded roofs. Specifically, it tends to be an awesome option for new construction homes with simple roof lines and/or new developments with few trees surrounding the home.

Aerial view of a neighborhood street with two homes that have solar systems
An aerial view of several homes with solar in a new construction neighborhood

Why is Powerwall+ recommended for homes with limited shading?

Unlike other inverters we install that have optimizers on every panel, the Tesla inverter is essentially a string inverter. This means if there is shading on one panel, that shading would reduce the production of the whole string, limiting the system’s overall production output.

Calculate Your Solar Savings

See solar on your home! Our solar calculator uses your home address, the details you provide, and LIDAR satellite technology (with a dash of AI) to give you a ballpark estimate of how much you could save by going solar.

Why would I want a Powerwall+?

If your house sounds like the right fit for a Powerwall+ (aka limited shading), here are several benefits this system could have for you:

Powerwall+ is a cost-effective option for the right home

  • Bundle aspect: you’re essentially getting a Tesla battery and a Tesla inverter all in one
  • Lower labor costs during installation: since the Tesla inverter is a string inverter, there isn’t an optimizer on each panel of the solar system – this benefits the Powerwall+ system with materials & labor cost savings
  • Better communication: With a Tesla solar inverter and battery interacting together, you’ll have streamlined communication all in one app
  • Higher surge protection: If the power goes out, your battery will have more protection thanks to protection in the Tesla inverter

We offer several solar + battery solutions and work to customize the right fit for you. Each product on the market has its own set of benefits and ideal applications. Our team of solar experts is happy to find the right mix of solar equipment for your home & energy goals.

How Much Does a Powerwall+ Cost?

Solar systems are definitely not a one-size fits all situation. There are many nuances to how we design a system and determine which equipment is best suited for your home. The below numbers are baseline estimates, but ultimately you would need to get a solar assessment to get a true cost for your home. 

As we mentioned, the Powerwall+ is best suited for a home that has little to no shading. An average-sized 9.5kW solar system with a Powerwall+ setup (including 1 Powerwall) would cost $44,200 before incentives ($30,940 after the 30% Tax Credit). 

For homes that do have partial shading throughout the day, we would recommend a SolarEdge inverter which comes with panel optimizers. These optimizers are installed on each panel to optimize the panel’s production, so there is not a string of reduced performance if one panel is shaded. This comes at an obvious cost with the additional materials and labor required to install more components. For the sake of comparison, an averaged size 9.5kW solar system with a SolarEdge inverter and 1 Powerwall would cost $47,300 before incentives ($33,100 after the 30% Tax Credit).

Again, these are just ballpark estimates for comparison’s sake. Accurate pricing really depends on your home’s site specs like roof pitch, available space, shading considerations, energy needs, and so on. For more detailed solar pricing for your home, let us know if you’d like to get started with a solar evaluation.

Learn more about how we evaluate a home for solar here → 


Like other Powerwall products, the Powerwall+ is designed to be mounted inside or outside (95% of the time we install it in the garage).

The Powerwall+ can be installed with any type of solar panel. There could be benefit to having a fully Tesla system (panels, inverter, battery), your trusty solar installer will help figure this out with you!

A Powerwall Plus inverter can generally support 9-10kW of solar for a site with great solar exposure and can be installed with up to 2 Powerwall batteries stacked together. Each Powerwall battery holds 13.5 kWh of backup storage capacity. With a single battery, you’d be able to power some lights, wall outlets, a refrigerator, and a few smaller appliances. 

Learn more about how many Powerwalls you need to backup different energy loads in your home

Is Powerwall+ right for you?

Which system and mix of products we recommend really come down to your home, energy goals, and budget. Schedule a call and let us know if you’d like to learn more about what type of system would be best for you! 

Powerwall Rebate

Each Powerwall installed between now and October 31, 2023 is eligible for a $500 rebate from Tesla.

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