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We're always extra proud when we get to announce that one of our own has gone solar. We’re super excited to share Veronika’s solar and sustainability journey with you! As the second member of our Multifamily & Commercial Services team to have gone solar with us (woot woot!), Veronika is a go-to resource on the team for sustainable living and gardening tips.

Veronika has been with us for close to a year as our Multifamily & Commercial Team Coordinator. During this time, she has also completed her Masters in Sustainability from NC State University!

Veronika and her husband Jason have a beautiful homestead full of chickens, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, water management systems, a greenhouse, composting, and more – a true sustainability haven! Keep reading to hear from Veronika about her decision to go solar and what it has been like.

1. Why was investing in solar energy for your home important to you?

Our decision to move to solar was primarily based on our concerns of climate change. Jason and I are both committed to reducing our impact on Earth’s resources and we have been working on creating a highly sustainable household. Our efforts on this topic are threefold.

  • Number one, we have a permaculture backyard with a large vegetable garden, fruit trees, water management systems, a greenhouse, compost, and chickens. This helps us to produce our own food and share it with friends and family. These systems have been helping us to reduce our dependency on outside resources.
  • Number two, we wanted to be energy independent. As we know, energy prices are rising and we wanted to avoid paying more for electricity. So now we are producing approximately 90% of our own energy with help of Southern Energy Management (SEM). Yay!
  • Number three, to complete our sustainability efforts at home, we are planning to purchase an electric car. The research has been challenging, but this will be completed in the next 2 years. On top of this, we are also committed to reducing plastic in our household. We have a long list of household products we use to keep up with this habit.

2. What made you choose to go solar with Southern Energy Management? (initially, before becoming a team member)

We chose Southern Energy Management in 2019 (our earliest reach out) because the values of SEM aligned so much with our own. For example, Southern Energy’s focus on educating residents about solar, providing high-quality service, amazing expertise about energy efficiency, and being a B Corp impressed us and encouraged us to reach out. We are so happy we did.

3. Why did you decide to become an SEM team member?

The reason I wanted to work for Southern Energy Management is because it is one of the best companies to work for, as we employees all know. As I mentioned previously, my ideals and values are deeply ingrained in sustainability and so are those of SEM’s. So I ultimately chose SEM to help lead the change and seek solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change. 

4. Do you have any advice for other homeowners starting their solar journey?

Many homeowners are concerned about the cost to install solar panels. We chose to pay our electric bills ahead by investing in solar, which will help avoid the exponential energy price increases (that we are experiencing and expect to continue), while raising the value of our home. Our advice is to just do it, it’s worth it.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a solar-powered SEM team member, check out our careers page or reach out to our solar educators to have a chat about sustainability and how you can improve the way you make and use energy. 

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Always enjoying the journey 🙂 Lindsay is the conductor of content at Southern Energy Management. When she isn’t synthesizing information into a newsletter or blog — Lindsay enjoys long walks on the beach with her cat, listening to soul on vinyl, and surfing the earth or sea (depending on the season).

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