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Nestled just outside of downtown Raleigh, Sojourn Glenwood Place is a 296 unit multifamily community developed by Grubb Ventures, designed by Cline Design Associates, and built by Harold K. Jordan & Company. Beyond all of the modern finishes and convenient amenities, Sojourn Glenwood Place offers comfort and efficiency to residents as well as savings and a more sustainable lifestyle as a Bronze Level Certified NGBS community. We are proud to have been a part of this project as the independent third party verifier, ensuring quality and high performance.

Retail Shops Onsite

Retail shops onsite promote a sense of community and allow residents to make a quick trip downstairs to grab a bite to eat without having to hop into their car to travel downtown.

Walkable Community

Less drive time and more to do with access to Crabtree Creek, House Creek, and Mine Creek Greenway Trails, on site saltwater pool, meditation garden, yoga studio, fitness center, pet spa, demonstration kitchen, coffee bar, and more

Water Efficiency

Low-flow shower heads and bathroom fixtures, as well as low-flush toilets all help conserve water without sacrificing style or performance

Energy Efficiency

Reduced energy bills for tenants, lower maintenance costs, and better comfort thanks to energy efficient HVAC Systems, water heaters, LED lighting, and Energy Star refrigerators and dishwashers

Grade 1 Insulation

2x6 framing with proper insulation techniques and full wall cavities filled to keep residents warm in the winter and cool in the summer without the massive utility bills

3rd Party Verified

Independent insulation and air sealing inspections of every unit by Southern Energy Management to ensure grade 1 installation to manufacturer specifications

"As we see new construction leasing trends change, more and more new construction prospects are asking about the development’s energy sustainability and environmental impact. Having a Green Certification has become an amenity that potential renters value. Thus, making the development even that much more attractive."

Property Manager, Grubb Ventures
“Working with Southern Energy Management on this project was an absolute pleasure. Their team was continually one step ahead of our design and construction team on design advice and inspections. This meant that the process was very efficient and easy to manage as an owner. We strive to make sure that construction decisions are not reactionary, and Southern Energy Management’s approach to this project dovetailed nicely with that management style.”

Senior Project Manager, Grubb Ventures

Resource Efficiency

During construction, a waste management plan was implemented to recycle and/or salvage more than 50% of the onsite construction waste

Better Indoor Air Quality

High MERV ratings on air filters, required filter change schedule, and low VOC paints / building materials, and duct sealing mean better indoor environmental quality from building construction to move in

HERO Program

This project received efficiency incentives from Duke Energy Progress for the installation of high efficiency HVAC units; SEM led the project team through this process


Due to increased energy efficiency, the project was able to meet HERO Code

Does your lender require a green building certification?

You may be eligible for both APR reduction and utility incentives such as the Duke RNC HERO Program. If you’re interested in tapping into the high performance housing demand, let us know how we can help you!

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