HERS Ratings

The Industry Standard for Measuring Efficiency 

Efficient Operations

The RESNET HERS Index is the industry standard by which a home, dwelling unit or low rise multifamily buildings’ energy efficiency is measured. Developed by the Residential Energy Services Network, the HERS Index can tell a homeowner, tenant or building owner much about their building, like how efficiently it’s operating or where they can make modifications for greater energy savings.  A lower HERS Index can command a higher resale price or higher rent and help a homeowner or tenant anticipate costs of energy bills. For reference a code built dwelling unit would have a HERS Index of 100. An existing unit would have a higher HERS Index of 130. A net zero dwelling unit would have a HERS Index of 0 (producing as much energy as it’s using).

To calculate a HERS Index, a comprehensive energy model must done with area inputs from a take off (foundation, walls, roof, etc.) paired with inputs on windows, insulation, hvac, lighting, etc.  A HERS Rating and a certain HERS Index level can be required for a green building program such as Energy Star or a utility incentive program such as the Duke Energy Progress Residential New Construction Program.

Southern Energy Management maintains a RESNET Providership as well as a team of HERS Raters and Quality Assurance Designees underneath that.  Let our experienced team get started on the energy modeling for a HERS Rating today.

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