Don't Miss Out On 26% Solar Savings in 2022

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Take Control of Your Power

The 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar will be here for a limited time. Now’s the best time to get started on your solar project to take advantage of this incentive and maximize your sunny savings.

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Lower Your Bills

It’s time to break up with your electric bill. Producing your own solar power saves you money everyday, especially as utility rates continue to rise over time. 

New construction blue house with rooftop solar panels

Save More Money

Don’t miss out on additional solar savings from the 26% Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit before it fades to 22% in 2023. Take the money you owe to Uncle Sam next year, and invest the tax refund into your home.

Residents from Elderberry Cohousing standing in front of community ground mount solar system

Use Clean Energy

Stop paying to rent dirty electricity  and cover cleanup costs. Take ownership over the environmental impact of your power and lead the change for a brighter future.

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Why Solar Power?

From fighting climate change to making a smart financial investment, discover what you will love about going solar in North Carolina from one of our Shine Tribe customers. 

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Southern Energy Management is a local company with 20+ years of experience in educating and empowering homeowners to make smart energy decisions. Our proven process has helped over 2500 homes across the Carolinas take control of their electric bills.

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