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With technology costs fast falling and generous federal and utility incentives, solar is now finally within financial reach of the average homebuyer. Southern Energy offers  developers the following options for solar powered and Net Zero communities:

  • Zero Energy Upgrade: An upgrade program for homebuyers wishing to add solar to the home as part of the new construction process and conveniently rolled into their mortgage.
  • Zero Energy Standard: every home is certified to be highly energy efficient and includes a small solar system as standard on each home to “zero out” the remaining electricity bill.
  • Solar Parking Structures: Power your community center with a solar “carport” over the parking lot, keeping cars underneath shaded and cool in the summertime.
  • Commercial & Multifamily Solar: Businesses have an added schedule of tax breaks and incentives for installing solar including accelerated depreciation and utility rebates that lower the payback to just a few years.

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