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Meet Our Latest Zero Energy Blueprint Partner

J. Peloquin Construction​

We’re excited to announce J. Peloquin Construction as our newest Zero Energy Blueprint and Energy Star Builder.

When we first started talking to owner, Jeff Peloquin and began walking the sites at the new Fiori Hill development in Hillsborough, we were amazed at the level of craftsmanship and detail that went into every one of their homes. J. Peloquin Construction has been building incredibly efficient, high performing, and high quality homes for nearly 30 years. Fiori Hill is just another example of this level of craftsmanship.

Based on the skill level of their team and their own standard of building quality, this partnership was a natural match. Adding the Energy Star certification to the Fiori Hill community was an easy decision that came down to making sure the homes were getting the recognition they deserve, since they were being built to those standards already!

ENERGY STAR certified new homes are built so all energy efficiency systems and features lead to optimal home performance. Homes are evaluated for meeting quality metrics in areas such as:

In addition to Energy Star certification, J. Peloquin Construction is also excited about adding solar panels as a standard upgrade option on all of their homes by joining our Zero Energy Blueprint program. Through the Zero Energy Blueprint, we will be working with Peloquin homes to analyze all of their Fiori Hill home designs to determine the best solar system size for every model.

The process begins by determining the maximum amount of panels each home can hold based on its roof size, orientation, pitch, and any roof obstructions (dormers, vents, chimneys). Next, our green building team will use a combination of software energy models and on-site testing and verification to develop an accurate forecast for the new home’s energy use. Once the maximum solar system size and home energy usage forecast are determined, we’ll have a clear blueprint for designing a solar system that will push the home’s net energy use to as close to zero as is physically possible.

We’re excited about our new partnership with J. Peloquin Construction and can’t wait to see what we can build together!

About Fiori Hills

Fiori Hills is a pocket neighborhood in Hillsborough, North Carolina focused on providing custom built, efficient homes and creating a community centered around green values. Fiori Hills is marketed by “Tofu Dave” Bellin, the co-housing realtor, through Urban Cottage Properties. For more information, visit or email

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About J. Peloquin Construction

J. Peloquin Construction has 28 years of sustainable building and management experience. As long time members of the Local and National Association of Home Builders, and Energy Star partners, J. Peloquin Construction seeks to provide their customers with quality building services, energy efficient building, reduced waste, and healthier buildings. Learn more!

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