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Take a Trip on the Solar Coaster with Co-Founder Maria Kingery

Maria Kingery, Co-Founder of Southern Energy ManagementBuckle up for a wild ride on the “solar coaster” with none other than the OG, our co-founder and visionary, Maria Kingery!

We love being a ‘Small City Innovator’ here at Southern Energy and being led by such a dynamic person. In this podcast, Maria takes a deep dive into Southern Energy’s history and shares her personal journey as a clean tech pioneer at the helm of one of NC’s first solar power and building performance companies. Check out the new podcast to learn a little bit about our journey and how you can have a HUGE impact as a small city innovator!



About Small City Innovators

Small City Innovators (SCI) is a recently launched podcast founded on the intent of amplifying the vision and impact of purpose-driven innovators who empower small cities in the South and beyond. SCI is created and hosted by Ryan Hurley, who is a co-founder of Vert and Vogue (a fellow B Corp and local small city innovator themselves!). Mikkel Elbech of Toro Town Storyworks joins the cast as co-producer. The podcast is kicking-off with a series on female innovators, led with Maria in Episode 1. Next on deck is Sandi Kronick, the Sustainable Agriculture Dynamo from Durham-based B Corp, Happy Dirt!