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The 2020 NGBS Partner of Excellence List is Out!

NGBS 2020 Partner of Excellence Logo on Green Grid Background

Home Innovation Research Labs has released its 2020 Partners of Excellence. Southern Energy Management (SEM) is excited to recognize our team members and partners who made the list!

Each year, Home Innovation Labs awards NGBS Green Partners who demonstrate “outstanding contributions to advancing green building in their communities and commitment to voluntary, market-driven, third-party certification of high-performance homes” with this honor. Representing both single and multi-family energy rating and sustainability services, working with NGBS helps ensure more homes are certified as high performance, reducing the world’s carbon output and saving real money at the same time.

SEM is proud to have 11 NGBS Green Accredited Verifiers and 2 Master Verifiers on our team. 

A big congrats to our team members, Sara Collier, Laurie Colwander, Dalton Crews, and Rachel Della Valle for making this year’s list. A special shout out to Dalton for also being named a Rising Star verifier!  

Rachel, one of our Master Verifiers, was also named a Legacy Partner of Excellence. This designation goes to those “who continue the pursuit, year after year, of creating and promoting sustainable, healthy homes that will yield benefits for years to come.” In total, Rachel has certified 5.3% of all NGBS multifamily units. 

Of the 234,000+ apartments receiving NGBS Certification, SEM has rated 23,644 of those, marking SEM as the #1 all-time Multifamily NGBS Rater for completed ratings. That’s 10.07% of all NGBS Multifamily ratings nationwide! Since 2001, SEM has also worked with 55+ unique home builders to certify 3,500+ Single Family Homes to NGBS.

With the release of the 2020 NGBS Partners of Excellence, we’re even more proud to have 13 builder, developer, and architectural partners listed. Of the 86 entities recognized, SEM and its partners comprise nearly 20% of the 2020 NGBS Top Partners. Congrats to our partners below who made the list!

Great work by everyone on this list and a huge shout out to all of our verifiers for helping our partners build healthier homes with lower operating costs while promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. Let’s keep it going in 2021 and beyond!!