NCBPA 2017 Building Inventory Report

8 Key Numbers to Know
from the NCBPA 2017 Building Inventory Report

Here’s our breakdown of the 8 Key Numbers you need to know from North Carolina Building Performance Association’s (NCBPA) 2017 Building Inventory Report. We see the value of high performance homes everyday, but we’re always excited to see that value broken down into easy to digest numbers. To help show our excitement, we paired each of our key numbers with an appropriate reaction from one of our team members!

The NCPBPA’s 78-page report analyzes data from 34,152 high performance homes across North Carolina, and provides a ton of valuable insights into the impact and progress of the high performance and green building market in the state.


per square foot

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is the average value added to a home’s sales price for every individual point drop in a home’s HERS Score

The NCBPA found that a lower HERS score correlates to an average increase in sales price of $1.34 per square foot in North Carolina. To be clear, the drop of a single HERS score does not by itself yield an additional $1.34 per square foot, but the two numbers are strongly related. The correlation is a great affirmation that high performance and green building features are strong contributors to higher sales prices per square for North Carolina homes.


increase in sales price

for new certified homes vs non-certified homes

The report found that across all of the major metro markets in North Carolina, homes with high performance and/or green certification sold for an average of 11.6% more than non-certified homes.

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days faster

New certified homes sell on average 42 days faster than non-certified homes in the Triangle

This awesome stat is referenced in the NCBPA’s report and comes from data compiled by Karin Argeris

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most popular programs

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The 5 most popular green and high performance building programs in North Carolina since 2007 are:



Energy Star



HERS Rating


Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified Logo

National Green Building Program


duke energy progress logo

Duke Energy Progress Residential New Construction




Different MLS Databases
 in North Carolina

With so many MLS databases making them green is challenging!

The NCBPA is working hard to add “green fields” to all of the MLS databases in the North Carolina. This will improve and standardize the valuation of high performance and green homes across the state. Check out page 73 of their report to learn their suggested best practices for helping this effort.

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Only 15 out of the 3,133 homes in the NCBPA’s data set have a HERS scores below 50…

That’s only 0.5% of the market–which means there’s a lot of room for builders to differentiate their homes by earning a HERS Score below 50. North Carolina’s average HERS score is  66, so a score below 50 is within reach for most builders. Programs like our Zero Energy Blueprint solar upgrade can help push your homes below the average HERS score and to the top of the market.


Green Appraiser
in North Carolina

That’s just not enough green appraisers

The lack of green appraisers means a couple of things.  First, that builders will earn even more value for high performance homes when we see the number of green appraisers increase. Secondly, that appraisers have a huge opportunity to get trained on valuing green and high performance features so they can stand out from the crowd of untrained appraisers.

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unique certification programs in North Carolina

Wow…that’s a lot green building options for builders

42 is a hell of a lot of green building programs. On one hand, this is great because it allows builders to find a high performance program that matches their specific goals and homes–but at the same time so many choices can be overwhelming! 

That’s where Southern Energy Management can really add value. We’ll help you pick the program that adds the most value for you, then train you to implement it, and help you sell its value to your market.

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