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Solar Capacity

15 kilowatts

Performance and power? Garman Homes is offering it all! Since 2007 the Rock Star team at Garman has been delivering beautiful high-quality homes with a polished home buying process, all while giving back to the community. In 2013, Garman Homes partnered with the team at Southern Energy Management to certify their homes to National Green Building Standard (NGBS) and ecoSelect standards, and have had 630 homes certified since. Now they are raising the bar even further by offering solar power as a standard upgrade option on all their new homes as a part of our Zero Energy Blueprint program. By adding this feature, on top of the 4 Garman Differences, Garman is upping the ante for high-performance and green homes in North Carolina.

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High-Performance Strategies

All of Garman Homes in Abbey Run, Briar Chapel, and Wendell Falls are designed, built, and certified to meet or exceed ecoSelect standards. Garman Homes in Briar Chapel are certified to NGBS as well! That means Garman homeowners will save an average of $550 per year on their energy bills compared to an equivalent home built to the standards of the current North Carolina building code.

High Cooling & Heating Efficiency

Increased Insulation Levels

Reduced Duct Leakage

Energy Star Certified Appliances

And more!

Performance Meets Power

When you combine high-performance with solar power the savings add up! Garman Homes already check the boxes for comfort and efficiency. Adding solar is an easy opportunity for homeowners to push their net energy usage toward zero and see even more savings. By adding a 5.8 kilowatt solar system to the average Garman Home, a homeowner can reach net zero-energy usage!

Extra benefits of going solar during your home’s construction:

Solar + Mortgage = Easy Decision

Wrapping solar into your mortgage allows you to defer the upfront cost.

Easy Breezy Installation Process

You'll be able to start your solar savings on move in day.

Solar Power = Added Home Value

National and state studies show that the majority of the solar's initial cost are absorbed by the value it adds to your home.

Q: Why did you want to go solar on your personal home?
A: I was curious. I wanted to better understand the installation process and the return on investment. It was perfect timing, my daughter was studying renewable energy at school, she sat in with us at the consultation. We agreed that it was a no brainer, both the utility savings and doing our part for the environment.

Q: What was your reaction to seeing your panels being installed and having your system go live?
A: I was thrilled! It happened so quickly. And it was easy. I enjoyed the total turnkey process, I didn’t do anything, which I love.

Q: Tell us about how Garman Homes is integrating solar for new homes?
A: We are offering solar as an option on all of our homes. And recently, we are beginning to help our customers fully understand the impact solar can make on their monthly utilities and their resale value. We’ve sold a couple systems recently, and it has opened the eyes of everyone on our team.

Q: What would you like to say to builders who are hesitant toward Zero Energy Building programs?
A: Try it. Everything is a little scary from the outside. Pick a house, try it. For me, having it on my personal home and watching my solar production and consumption each day on my phone made it much more real.

Q: Where do you see the future of sustainable building headed?
A: Over the past 15 years the building code has changed dramatically, if we continue this trend we will be all building very efficient homes. We believe in this direction and we believe the market will reward builders who are ahead of the curve. Sustainable building is now part of all of our communities.

From an interview with Jim Garman, Founder & CFO of Garman Homes

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Positive Impact on the World... and Your Wallet

1,400 tons

of carbon savings annually

compared to homes built to code standards



passenger vehicles taken off the road for one year


equivalent trees planted


estimated annual energy savings per home



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