Powering the Path to a Stable Future at Eden Village

Eden Village model home with "I'm going solar sign"

Eden Village is Powering Up with Solar!

We are proud to help Eden Village go solar by donating a 3kW solar system that will be installed on the model home this spring! More solar is on the horizon at Eden Village. Although the community is still in the fundraising phase, once funding is secured, the vision is to install solar on a total of 19 tiny homes, as well as the community center and gazebo structure. Learn more about Eden Village and their solar impact below!

Imagine a Place Where No One Sleeps Outside

Eden Village is a 32-unit tiny home community specially designed to provide permanent homes for chronically homeless individuals in the Wilmington, NC area. The 400 sq ft tiny homes are energy efficient and built to support individuals with a chronic mental health or physical health condition. 

The community will provide residents with access to support services, personal enrichment, social case work resources, and a stable community environment which is known to be a key factor in improving health treatment results. We are excited to imagine a city where no one sleeps outside with Eden Village as their solar partner.

Sustainable Impact

In total, 91kW of solar will be installed at Eden Village which will offset 70% of the community’s electricity use. By reducing the community’s electricity cost with solar, Eden Village will be able to spend savings on what matters — the community. As electricity rates increase over time, these savings will really start to add up! 

Beyond dollar savings, over the 30 year lifetime of the solar system, powering the community with clean electricity will offset the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of 520 cars driven for one year or the carbon sequestered by 3,141 acres of U.S. forests in one year. 

Equivalent Impact of Solar Over 30 Years

Cars Not Driven for One Year
Tree Seedlings Grown for 10 Years
Incandescent Bulbs Switched to LEDs

How to Get Involved

So far, 16 of the 32 tiny homes at Eden Village have been pledged/sponsored! The community is still seeking  donations to help bring the rest to life. To stay up to date on volunteer opportunities and the latest news, follow Eden Village on Facebook. We’ll be updating this page as well with new solar milestones! 

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