DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Program

Over 14,000 energy efficient homes and millions of dollars in energy savings since 2008. 

The DOE Zero Energy Ready Home represents a new level of home performance and standard.

The Zero Energy Ready Home Program via the Department of Energy consists of 7 must-have components. Meeting this standard assures buyers that you are committed to building a comfortable, energy efficient, and performance ready home:

  • Optimized Thermal Protection
  • Whole-House Water Protection
  • High-Performance Heating and Cooling
  • High-Efficiency Components
  • Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality
  • Solar-Ready Construction
  • Enhanced Quality Assurance

To obtain this certification you must follow one of two paths:

  • Prescriptive Path: A single set of measures to construct a certified home where modeling is not required, but no trade-offs are allowed
  • Performance Path: Provides some flexibility and customization while still meeting the performance level of the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home HERS Target Home. Modeling is required, but measures are flexible and optimizable for each project.

Every home that is certified as Zero Energy Ready has a HERS rating, certification under the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program, and follows other standards outlined by the DOE. We can help you jump through all the hoops. Southern Energy Management provides HERS Rater services that will work with your design and project teams to ensure compliance with ENERGY STAR certification.

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