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Impact & Sustainability Reporting Solutions

Illustration of many different types of reports including web based, mobile friendly, and paper reports.

Designed to compliment our various certification programs, our impact reporting solutions put the data you need to take your homes to the next level at your fingertips. 

How It Works

As part of our certification programs, we’re collecting hundreds of data points on every home you build.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed with information but the goal of our impact reporting is to aggregate, organize, and report that data back to your team in a compelling and insightful manner.


Through our onsite field inspections we collect hundreds of individual data points on each certified home​


Record and aggregate historical data over time


Organize and report on impactful trends, potential issues and areas of success to help educate your team and guide informed decision making

Tiered Approach

Shoes come in multiple sizes for a reason. For that same reason, we have followed our proven process of walk, jog, run to provide concise reporting to all builders regardless of where you are on your sustainability journey.

Illustration of a paper report with a magnifying glass examining part of the page.

Performance Snapshot

Walk. As a free value add with any of our certification programs we’re providing a quarterly performance snapshot to highlight successes and trends over time.

Illustration of a magnifying glass hovered over a web based report dashboard on a laptop with a mobile and tablet device report views on either side.

Interactive Performance Reporting

Jog. If the performance snapshot isn’t the right level of visibility, our interactive performance reporting provides real-time access to all your performance data allowing you to manipulate it pretty much anyway you’d need to pinpoint specific issues, identify opportunities for improvement, and showcase successes.

Illustration of a smart home with solar panels and an electric car beside a tablet displaying a performance report dashboard

Community Reporting

Run. Designed to help you take your storytelling to the next level, our Community Sustainability reporting makes it easy to communicate your impact with your community, partners, and corporate or investment teams.

Illustration of many different types of reports including web based, mobile friendly, and paper reports.

Custom Solution

Sprint. Looking to take your reporting a step further? We’re happy to help make your vision a reality with a custom reporting solution. Whether it’s building a report for investors, creating an Annual Impact and Sustainability report, or something entirely different, our team is up for the challenge to find a solution to support your goals!

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